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Why Blackout Roller Blinds Are Worth the Investment

Blackout roller blinds are extremely effective at blocking out the light during the day, providing you with a perfect environment even when your bedroom or living room window faces east or west. When the sun rises in the morning, it can be very difficult to fall back asleep if you’re already awake. This can make it very difficult to get up early in the morning and make your way to work on time if you live near a busy [...]

6 Reasons to Use Blackout Roller Blinds This Summer

Blackout roller blinds are one of the best solutions for blocking out the morning light and helping your house stay cool during summer days. Not only do they block out up to 99% of sunlight, but they can also be kept in place all night long to ensure you get the rest you need during those hot summer nights. Here are six reasons why you should use blackout roller blinds during the summer months. 1) They will protect your furniture [...]

Are Perfect Fit Blinds, the Perfect Blind?

Are Perfect Fit Blinds Any Good? We occasionally receive questions regarding the quality of Perfect Fit Blinds and how they compare to more standard blind types.  Whilst the style does differ, the longevity and performance of Perfect Fit Blinds are as the same high standard as all other blinds we supply.  Perfect Fit Blinds offer a great alternative to a standard blind type where fitting might be more problematic.  With the clever installation bracket secured, Perfect Fit Blinds can be [...]

Top Interior Design Trends to explore in Autumn and Winter, 2021

You can spruce up your interior décor this Autumn to make your interior space feel warmer even in the winter colds. And as autumn approaches, it's the perfect excuse to redecorate your home with a dramatic or subtle colour scheme and design accessories. To achieve a dramatic effect, use warm, vibrant colours. But for a subtler look, use earthy neutral colours. Here are the top interior designs trends to look for in this autumn and winter. 1. Dark Wood Finishes and [...]

The Latest Interior Design Trends

The end of a season is not only exciting for the change of weather it brings but also for the opportunity to revamp your living space. Changing a few pieces in your home brings a sense of newness, and excitement and renews your focus. It also makes you feel current and up to par with the rest of the world. This year, the interior design trends are leaning towards comfort, both in colour tones and décor. People are returning to [...]

Popular Interior Design Trends for Spring 2021

As the seasons change, many homeowners take the opportunity to Spring clean. Spring is also a great time to revamp the interior of your home. You may like to spruce up your living area, redo your children's bedroom and enhance your kitchen and bathroom. Spring is a time for a change; as winter comes to an end, you may like to choose some new cushions, blinds, and experiment with fresh colours. Let's look at some spring interior design trends that [...]

Choosing the Best Roller Blind for You

Are you considering getting the most suitable window blinds? Roller blinds are perfect because they give you an eclectic mix of options. A slew of people love decorating their windows with roller blinds as a means of finding functionality and comfort. Furthermore, roller blinds are versatile, attractive as well as durable. They add texture and colour hence boosting the aesthetic value of your room. What Are Roller Blinds? Roller blinds are pieces of fabric that unroll to cover your windows. The [...]

How to Choose the Best Blinds for Velux and Skylight Windows

How to Choose the Best Blinds for Velux and Skylight Windows One of the best ways to light your home is with natural sunlight. It’s natural, warming and most importantly, completely free. ‍ While lots of sunlight in the home is definitely a desirable thing, there are times when you’ll want to keep those rays out. Unwanted light when you’re trying to watch a film, take a nap or have a lie-in can be really annoying. It’s also important to protect your [...]

How to Care for Velux Blackout Blinds

How to care for Velux blackout blinds Our wide selection of roller blinds gives our customers the best of all worlds, including blackout roller blinds. Suitable for windows of virtually any shape and size, they are especially effective in keeping light and light pollution at bay. Even better, like our blackout vertical blinds, they're easy to maintain too. ‍ To keep them looking their best, we recommend including them in your spring cleaning plans. To help you get started, we've prepared a [...]

Lockdown Sale

Along with many other businesses across the country we have been effected by COVID-19.  Our suppliers suspended all production and distribution 24th March, however as of 21st April some production lines have restarted albeit with limited capacity.  Through this lockdown period we will be offering an extra 20% discount off all blinds and curtains excluding Budget Roller Blinds, Velux Blinds, Skylight Blinds and Prime Aluminium Venetian Blinds.  We have included a list of questions and answers regarding this offer [...]