Top Interior Design Trends to explore in Autumn and Winter, 2021

Top Interior Design Trends to explore in Autumn and Winter, 2021

You can spruce up your interior décor this Autumn to make your interior space feel warmer even in the winter colds. And as autumn approaches, it’s the perfect excuse to redecorate your home with a dramatic or subtle colour scheme and design accessories. To achieve a dramatic effect, use warm, vibrant colours. But for a subtler look, use earthy neutral colours.

Here are the top interior designs trends to look for in this autumn and winter.

1. Dark Wood Finishes and a Rich Colour Palette

Wood never runs out of style, as it has a timeless appeal that complements your interior space. This autumn season, warm colours will be trending, with dark red, orange, and neutral, earthy colours such as brown taking the lead.

You can customise your blinds by choosing the colour that works for you, in plain warm colours or ones with floral patterns that complement the wooden floors or walls. The colour palette you choose can either be monotone or complementary, for example, orange or navy blue.

Even better, you can combine a radiant amber glow or autumn orange with other neutral tones such as grays and sand tones to add warmth to your space and make it cosier. You can also incorporate two primary colours in statement pieces and strike a balance with neutral tones to make them stand out.  We think our bold Leopard Bruschetta Roller Blinds fit this criteria perfectly;

2. Natural, Textured Fabrics

Achieve a traditional and luxurious feel in your décor by introducing woven natural materials like jute, rattan, wicker, and sisal in rags, custom lamps, rattan stools, bathroom, kitchen cabinetry, and hallway accessories. Thanks to the rough-looking texture of these natural fabrics, they feel warm and provide a stylish contrast to your colour palette.

Natural fabrics are also eco-friendly and durable, and they are an ideal window treatment material. To achieve extra character in your interior design, combine jute or rattan with softer fabrics like cotton and subtle coloured patterns and material finishes.  Check out our range of Recycled Roller Blind fabrics for an eco-friendly blind.

Additionally, natural, textured fabrics bring a sense of craftsmanship to your home’s interior that transcends the season. And they complement other naturally-sourced materials such as wood, granite, and marble.

3. Checkered Interiors

Checkered patterns make it easy to incorporate two or more colours into your home. They create rhythm, and choosing the right colours can make your space look appealing. You can introduce this pattern in floor rugs, carpets, throw pillows, coffee tables, decorative wall pieces, and accessories, or even using wallpaper.

What’s more, you can introduce striped patterns to create a fun blend of colours and soften the heavy check patterns.  Our popular Carnival Spice Roman Blind is a great addition to any room this autumn.

4. Natural Textures and Cosy Fabrics

Clients are drawn more towards natural textures and ultra-soft fabrics for a more cosy and relaxed feel. You can throw in some woolen poufs, furry fabrics, and throw pillows for a quick décor change and warmth as you cosy up with a good book.

To achieve the ideal textural balance, combine rough-looking fluffy rugs with soft-looking velvet pillows and knitted throws.

5. Vintage Décor and Bespoke Furnishings

Between eclectic modern and Cottagecore design trends, vintage and personalised interiors are all the rage this fall, as more consumers prefer a more personal feel to their space. Whether it’s a periodic property or a country cottage, traditional touches such as bare brick, parquet flooring, and exposed beams enhance this style and add to its countryside charm.

To create this elegant and stylish interior, think of nature-inspired leafy prints, gold accessories, and ornaments, and vintage collectibles that add a splash of personality to your space. You can also repurpose vintage furniture or dust off some old picture frames or flower vases. And to complete this homely look and create visual contrast, you can throw in some contemporary design pieces as part of your interior accessories.

Our Vinnie Ginger Roller Blind combines an excellent palette of colour whilst giving the warmth the colder seasons need.

6. Cocooning Furniture

This stylish trend has been gaining pace as more and more people prefer squishy sofas filled with fiber material and covered in snuggly fabrics over the traditional seat cushions. Cocooning sofas are more comfortable when you want to sit or stretch out or lay down.

7. Artisanal Statement Pieces

Handcrafted ceramics, furniture, textural wall hangings, and collectibles are a conversation starter in any living space, and they can be functional or purely decorative, adding an earthy and artistic feel to your home.

Artisanal homewares leave a story to tell, allowing you to showcase your style and personality, create visual areas of interest, and contrast your colour palette. Furniture statement pieces and wall hangings should be well spread out across the room so you can perceive their shapes, texture, and material finish as your eye scans across the room.

8. Tropical Wall Coverings

Lively wall coverings such as wallpaper and fabric can come in vibrant colours of nature or patterns woven into them, adding texture and colour to the interior décor. Plus, they are highly versatile, as you can customise the wall covering or change it without using much effort.

Tropical leaves and florals in digital prints can also bring the outside indoors for a relaxing and calming living space. As more people yearn for the laid-back lifestyle of tropical getaways, interiors are likely to reflect lots of nature in the material finishes and interior accessories.  Take a look at the fabric below to give the tropical feel to your home.  Our Paradiso Everglade fabric is available for both Roller Blinds and Vertical Blinds.

9. Indoor Plants

Plants’ greenery instantly breathes life into your home’s interior, complementing your colour scheme while also improving the indoor air quality by filtering out pollutants and giving out oxygen. The mere act of gardening in itself is also very relaxing and can be the perfect home activity when you’re stuck indoors during winter.

Place small plants with patterned leaves on pedestals or large, tree-sized plants like banana leaf plants in certain corners of a room to create a lush and outdoor vibe to your space. And for a more striking contrast, place small plants with vibrant foliage next to plants with large, plain-coloured foliage.

Climbing plants such as spider plants and string of pearls are also a popular choice for your indoor flower garden, although they should not be overdone to prevent a cluttered feel of the space.

And if you have little time to keep the fresh plants alive, you can invest in preserved foliage and ornamental flowers that require zero upkeep, look just as lively and appealing and are durable too.

10. Green Walls

The use of green in interior walls has seen an upsurge, as science shows that it can alleviate stress and decrease heart rate. Apart from these health benefits, green is also one of the most commonly used colours in interior design, as it mimics nature and complements well alongside indoor plants. It also blends well with most other colours, making it a perfect choice to incorporate into your colour palette.  Our selection of green-hues for our Vertical Blinds range certainly hits this brief.

11. Curves

Curved shapes and objects are one of the biggest trends in 2021, and it’s easy to see why; they create an inviting appeal and complement other design shapes in your living space. Curves echo the natural smooth lines you find in the nature-the river, hilly landscape contours, or even clouds. And curves in nature also help to draw your eyes in and navigate visually through a space.

A popular approach to introducing curves in your interiors includes introducing a curved sofa, arched mirrors, and round accessory pieces such as flower vases and ottomans. Consider placing round, complementary pieces along the hallways, stairways, bathrooms, or the dining area. Circular shapes also stand out next to other design elements in a room’s focal point.

What better way than to continue the smooth lines of your windows than with a Perfect Fit Blind fitting flush to your window frame.  Available for Roller Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Wooden Blinds and Pleated Blinds.

12. Feature Walls

An eye-catching focal point can make your space look more lively and can be the center of attraction for your guests this festive season. It can also be the ideal place to take family photos and make lots of memories.

A feature wall can be a gallery wall displaying memorable family photos neatly arranged in a pattern. It may also feature a life-size mural of nature, full-wall patterned wallpaper covering, or shelves that hold different collectibles from your travels.

13. Warm Lighting

Lighting can transform a space, illuminating crucial task areas or shedding light on design elements in your interior. While high task areas like kitchen tops require bright task lighting, your lounge area or movie room does not need as much light and can do with some warm, yellow ambient lighting.

Mood lighting such as table lamps and floor lamps can add an exciting twist to the light balance and illuminate the walkways and objects in the room without the glare of task lights. And most importantly, they can add warmth to your home this winter season.

Where you use a few ambient lights, it’s ideal to use accent lighting to highlight a focal point, a mural, or other statement pieces in the space.

14. A Reading Corner

As the winter cold starts to bite, nothing beats cosying up in your reading corner with a book, a warm blanket, and a hot mug of coffee. You can create one by the window by arranging a few throw pillows on the windowsill, or you can find a quiet corner to place an armchair, floor lamp, and a warm rug.

You can also highlight or partition your reading corner with natural fabric light curtains or a bookcase to hold all your favorite reads.

15. Home Office

Working from your home office is no longer a luxury but a necessity. And a home office comes in handy when you need to complete work tasks from home during winter or work through the night. You can integrate a tabletop in your shelving or extend a windowsill to create a worktop. To complete your home office setup, you need a comfortable, ergonomic office chair and a table lamp with adequate lighting. You can also incorporate portable rattan room dividers and indoor potted plants in your home office to add extra character.  Add one of our popular Panel Blinds to easily seperate your office space from the rest of the home.

16. Increasing online purchases

Convenience in shopping comes first, as more customers purchase home improvement products online, saving them precious time going to the physical store. You can order direct from SoEasy Blinds on our website, with your exact product specifications-measurements, material finishes, and design, while at the comfort of your own home.

And with a wide variety of designs to choose from, you can order the best window treatments that complement your style and individuality.

17. Mindful Consumerism

Consumers are more mindful of investing in design pieces that last long and are of high quality. But most importantly, sustainability takes center stage, with consumers seeking products that are eco-friendly and that support local suppliers.  Our range of recycled Roller Blind fabrics are a certan hit for this point;

The near future will see a rise in upcycling and repairing as more people personalize their home accessories.

In conclusion,

With so many design styles and options available and with a bit of creativity, you can turn your home into a cosy haven this fall. Online shopping makes the shopping experience more effortless, and you can even order free samples and swatches before you settle on the design that suits your personality.

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