Blinds for Velux Windows

Velux windows are commonly seen in roof extensions. They are made by a Danish company that was established more than 75 years ago and now manufacturers its roof windows and skylights in eleven countries, selling them into over forty nations.

Typically, Velux windows are built into the slant of the roof and open outwards from a central pivot. This simple design makes them a very convenient choice of window because they are so easy to open and close with a characteristic top control bar. This also typically allows the window to be securely opened only slightly ajar, allowing for effective temperature control. The Velux truly is a window for all seasons.

This leads to another key feature of the Velux window – security. The windows can be locked for extra peace of mind, but even when unlocked, they are very difficult to open from the outside. Additionally, Velux windows are very well-insulated and offer effective soundproofing to your roof space.

Perhaps most importantly, from an aesthetic perspective, Velux windows bring a beautiful light to your attic room, whichever aspect it’s installed in. The simple modern design is pleasing on the eye, as well as possessing a helpful functionality. This also applies to the blinds, which come in a range of appealing colours and are very easily fitted and maintained. The blinds are so easy to use and can provide a useful shade on days when the sun shines low in the sky, as well as offering greater privacy at night.