Design Trends For Spring

Though it still might not feel like it all the time, Spring is definitely right around the corner and that means it's time to start looking around your house and thinking about a makeover. Maybe you're only really ready for some small upgrades, but if you're ready to make some big changes, you're definitely in the right place. With all the bright colours and trends for Spring, it's definitely time to take your house to the next level. Copper One of [...]

Different Colours For Different Rooms

Did you know that you can control your room's atmosphere and mood with your choice of blinds colour? Blinds are an excellent way to incorporate contrast or create subtle effects for a truly inviting living indoor space. When properly executed, colours can impact the feel and design that reflects your style, preference, taste and personality. Many homeowners struggle when faced with the task of selecting the appropriate blinds colour for their individual rooms. To help you out with the [...]

Be Inspired By The Web; Online Interiors for Your Home

Decorating your home can be hard work. However, everything is available online, and that includes interior design choices. There are websites that offer excellent interior design ideas for your home, and their collections are inspiring.You can shop for different items to improve and enhance the appearance of your home by following such ideas. Here is a list of the top websites you can visit to get the inspiration you need. Home Designing Home designing is a website that specialises in bedroom [...]

Interior Blinds Options Suitable for Winter

There are various designs and colours of blinds available out there that you can use for your home, including the cloth, wooden, aluminium, among other varieties. All these varieties are suitable for various locations inside your house, but if you need something that will provide warmth during winter, then you need to pay specific attention to the choice of colour and design, from the options available. Here are some examples of blinds that work best during winter. Vertical Blinds These are [...]

Blinds Inspired by Christmas Decor Ideas

The annual parade of Christmas ads has already begun marching through prime time TV, and it's got everyone here at SoEasy Blinds bristling with the excitement of the season. If it's your time to host the holiday dinner or Christmas eve bash, then it may also be time to have a look at what's currently dressing your windows. Don't let you tired, shabby drapes and blinds be an eyesore to guests when you can have custom coverings made for [...]

Popular Window Blind Colours for this Autumn

When the seasons change, you may want your decor to change right along with it. However, you may also want to make sure that you keep up with all of the trends in colours and style for the season in order to stay on trend, stylish, and coordinated in your seasonal design scheme. Get to know more about the various trending colours for the autumn season so that you can begin making your purchases and redecorating your home. And [...]

Trending and Considerable Roman Blinds and Wooden Blinds this Autumn

Roman and Wooden window blinds make a whole difference when thinking of adjusting your house to a new season. There are various factors to consider this autumn when buying Roman Blinds and Wooden blinds. Reckoning out what you need and care about when it comes to window treatment is key. This article gives you the best preferences to keep your home thud on trend throughout the autumn season. One of the important thing before setting up your window treatment is [...]

Choosing the Perfect Window Blinds for your Home

Choosing the Perfect Window Blinds for Your Home: Pros and Cons of Each There are several types of blinds that you can choose for your house. But some of the factors that will influence your decision are the costs of the blinds, the colours available, the space you want covering and simply what you would prefer. Below are some of the most common types of blinds that you could go for: Vertical blinds: These are best for large windows that go [...]

Six Ways to Use Different Colour Schemes to Make your House Inviting

Colours can be used to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room of a house. When properly executed colours complement the furniture in the chamber and make a room look spectacular when choosing colours a lot of things should be considered and done prior to ensure the result makes you feel at home and relaxed. 1. Buy non-movable things such as furniture and other house items Paint may be inexpensive compared to items such as furniture, wallpaper, tiles or [...]

Sleep Your Way to Success: The Unusual Bedtime Habits of the Stars

Most people don’t set much store by their sleep pattern, preferring to binge watch Netflix than get to bed at a reasonable hour. And for those who want to get a good night’s rest, disorders like insomnia, snoring and sleep apnoea (which affect 1 in 4 Brits) make it impossible to get the recommended 8 hours a night — no matter how many sheep they count or how much warm milk they drink before bed. But thankfully, it isn’t just [...]

How to Enjoy a Good Night’s Sleep in the Summer

Summer is well on its way across the UK, so it’s time to adjust to the warm climes of the coming season. While basking in the sun on a warm day can be pure bliss after a seemingly endless winter, summer does have its pitfalls — particularly when it comes to trying to fall asleep in a sweltering hot bedroom. The hot weather of summer means that many face a restless night’s sleep as the season takes hold. Even after [...]

Get Set for Summer with these Simple Home Design Tips

It’s hard to believe, but summer 2016 is just around the corner, meaning now’s the perfect time to start thinking about how to ready your home for the new season. While autumn and winter command thick throws, boundless candles and heavy curtains to block out the cold chill; spring, and particularly summer, call for breezier and lighter interior design elements to make the most of the balmy temperatures and longer sunlight hours. To get your interior spaces ready for the approaching [...]

What Your Home’s Colour Scheme Says About You

No matter what your favourite colour, psychologists reckon it says a lot about your personality — whether it’s splashed across your car or you’re wearing it on your body. But what about the colour of your home, does that speak volumes about your personality? Or is it just a matter of current styles and trends? Assuming psychologists are right, and colour does tell us lots about a person’s character, let’s explore what your home’s colour scheme would say about you.   Yellows [...]

Why Bedroom Blinds Are Vital for a Great Night’s Sleep

“How much sleep do we actually need?” Now there’s a debate which has raged on for decades. According to the NHS’s official recommendation, adults need between six and nine hours of sleep each night, though many people will feel well rested with fewer. The amount of sleep varies depending on age, with new born babies requiring some 16 hours a day and those over 70 getting by on less than six hours a night.   Of course, sleep levels vary for [...]

Seven Super Helpful Tips for Cleaning Blinds

The days are just about starting to stretch a little, and there is the odd sign that winter is slowly starting to pass. And this means that the annual spring clean is almost upon us, as we look to give every inch of the home a good scrub and a deep clean. If you've hoovered, dusted, mopped and de-scummed your way through the house but have come to your blinds and are unsure how to proceed, fear not, we've [...]

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing Blinds for Your Home

With a wealth of blinds available, each offering something different depending on the room in question, choosing the right ones can be tricky. The appropriate blinds should not only match your décor, but provide good functionality and light control, and be robust and endurable enough for everyday use. To help you choose the right blinds every time, here are 5 questions to ask yourself when shopping for your next window dressings. Is the Blind for a Bedroom? If the answer’s ‘yes’, we’d [...]

Six Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bedroom Blinds

Choosing between blinds and curtains for the bedroom is not the end of the decision. At So Easy Blinds, we stock a huge range of blinds in different colours, styles and function. Here we offer six simple tips to help guide you towards picking the perfect blinds for your bedroom. Consider the Position of the Sun Where is the sun positioned when you’re trying to enjoy the weekend papers in bed on a Sunday? If it is peering straight through your [...]

New Year, New You: Revitalise Your Home with These Simple Design Tips

Happy New Year from everyone on the SoEasy Blinds team! Now that the clamour of Christmas and New Year has come to a close, most folk will be keen to do away with decadence and detox their way to a healthier and happier lifestyle. Instead of relying on an ill-fated set of resolutions to kick-start 2016, however, we think one of the best ways to get-set for the next 12 months is to refresh and revitalise your home by [...]

Top Tips for a Wonderfully Cosy Bedroom

No matter how big or small your bedroom, we think it should be a room where you can relax, unwind and feel 100% cosy and content. With the cold, dark mornings and evenings of winter just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to rethink your sleeping space and make sure it’s as snug as bug ready for the new season. To help, here are some top tips on creating a wonderfully cosy bedroom. Start With the Windows When adding cosiness to [...]