6 Reasons to Use Blackout Roller Blinds This Summer

6 Reasons to Use Blackout Roller Blinds This Summer

Blackout roller blinds are one of the best solutions for blocking out the morning light and helping your house stay cool during summer days. Not only do they block out up to 99% of sunlight, but they can also be kept in place all night long to ensure you get the rest you need during those hot summer nights. Here are six reasons why you should use blackout roller blinds during the summer months.

1) They will protect your furniture from heat

If you want to keep your home cool, but want a guarantee that it will stay cooler than the heat outside, invest in blackout roller blinds. The black material blocks out much of both sunlight and heat from other sources, such as lamps. These blinds are useful for providing warmth in the winter months and cooling in the summer months. They’re easy to use: You can roll up or down blackout roller blinds depending on how much light you want in your room. They’re also easy to clean; simply dust them off with a dry cloth. You don’t have to worry about washing them because they’re made of sturdy materials that won’t fade or tear easily.

2) They reduce glare

During summer, sunlight pouring through windows can cause a lot of glare. In order to keep your home cool during peak temperatures, it’s a good idea to block out as much light as possible with blackout roller blinds. This will also help you get a good night’s sleep when you want one – think about all that natural light that keeps us awake in those early mornings.

3) They allow you to sleep in

Have trouble getting up and ready for work in time? Maybe it’s time to invest in blackout roller blinds. Not only will these blinds help you sleep in—they will also keep your room cooler than if you left your blinds open. When direct sunlight hits your curtains, you’ll absorb some of that warmth. In addition, bright light could wake you up before your alarm clock goes off, meaning you’ll feel less rested upon waking. If you want to be well-rested when your alarm does go off, consider using blackout roller blinds. They block out 99 percent of UV rays and reduce glare by 50 percent. That means a better night’s sleep for you!

4) They can make your home darker on demand

One of the benefits of blackout roller blinds is that they can be unrolled and down whenever needed to block out the sun’s rays. This is especially important if you have an early meeting, need to take a nap, or just want to sleep in. They’ll help keep your home cool: In addition to blocking out sunlight, these types of window coverings will also help keep your home cooler during the hot summer months. They’re affordable: While there are certainly pricier options available on the market, blackout roller blinds tend to be very affordable compared with other types of window coverings like vertical blinds or curtains.

5) They let you control how much sun/light gets into your house

A study published in Scientific Reports found that blackout roller blinds are effective at controlling how much light gets into a room. They also limit cooling costs by allowing you to block out direct sunlight during warm summer months. They help you sleep better: Without natural sunlight streaming through your window, it’ll be easier for you and your family members to get a good night’s rest—particularly if someone else is sleeping in another room or if they don’t need an alarm clock.

6) Using blackout roller blinds is so easy

Blackout roller blinds act as thermal insulators, meaning they keep cool air in and warm air out during those hot summer months. As long as your blinds are correctly sized and properly installed, they’ll also keep you from being woken up by early morning light from outside your window. To operate blackout roller blinds, all you need to do is pull them down and raise them back up again when you want privacy or heat protection. For example, if it’s been a particularly sunny day but now it’s getting dark out, all you have to do is pull down your shades before bedtime so that they’ll be ready for use when you wake up in the morning. Just remember that while blackout roller blinds can help block light better than traditional shades, they aren’t totally opaque; there will still be some light leakage at night.

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