Popular Interior Design Trends for Spring 2021

Popular Interior Design Trends for Spring 2021

As the seasons change, many homeowners take the opportunity to Spring clean. Spring is also a great time to revamp the interior of your home. You may like to spruce up your living area, redo your children’s bedroom and enhance your kitchen and bathroom.

Spring is a time for a change; as winter comes to an end, you may like to choose some new cushions, blinds, and experiment with fresh colours. Let’s look at some spring interior design trends that will make your home more inviting. Whether you’re looking to make your space pop, create a relaxing atmosphere, or are re-designing your home on a budget, our top tips will inspire and excite you.

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Pastel Shades

Which colours come to mind when you think of Spring? For many people, pastel shades are synonymous with spring. Choosing a light, pastel colour can help freshen up your home and create an airy feel. Hues such as duck egg blue, light yellow, or pale green will help create a relaxing environment.

Light colours encourage tranquillity and offer respite from our fast-paced and often hectic lives. Pastel colours can be added to your home in various ways. You may like to paint your walls or choose an accent pillow, blind, or a piece of artwork. Using pastel shades in a spring-themed interior design will add softness to your home.

Colour Combinations

You may like to use bright contrasting colours that are reminiscent of vibrant spring flowers. Teaming pastel and bright colours together look great and will make your interior pop. Choose a brightly coloured accent piece that is eye-catching and will be the centre of the room.

If you’re looking for two colours that are perfect for spring and look great together, you may like to consider yellow and grey. These two colours can be used to create a contemporary feel and can be used in wall coverings, soft furnishings, and window coverings. Yellow will add a pop of colour to an otherwise dull grey interior and is an uplifting colour.

Ocean Hues

Calming blues and light greens are in fashion this season. Ocean hues will make your room feel bright and airy. Combining various blue shades and investing in a large seaside themed painting can give you those holiday vibes at home.

Deeper blues and turquoises are also on-trend, with Hawaii style taking centre stage as people long for tropical getaways. Choosing brightly coloured floral prints and bright tropical colours combined with subtler lemon is a winner this spring. Images and prints of flowers and tropical leaves can help to bring the outside indoors. You may even like to buy some house plants to complete the look or even a string of colourful paper flowers. Rather than going on holiday in 2021, homeowners are creating travel-inspired interiors that are themed on previous holidays, the sea, and tropical breaks.

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Spring Flowers

Bring the outside indoors and create a brightly coloured Spring flower arrangement that will be the room’s centerpiece. Flowers and house plants can help to liven up your space, add colour to your room and make your house more homely.

Neutral Colours

If you aren’t into pastels, you may like to create a more neutral colour scheme. Neutral colours help to lighten a room and open up the space. Light colours can make rooms appear larger and airier. You’ll also have a blank canvas if you paint your living room a light cream colour, for example. This will allow you to choose accentuated pieces of decor.

You can also add a pop of colour, which can be bold and revitalizing or slightly more subtle to create a relaxed atmosphere. Whichever colour scheme you choose, infusing your home with an attractive painting and fun pillows will help you achieve the desired look. An accent chair or some new cushions and curtains can help to add new life to your home.

Natural Wood

Wood in its natural form is great for adding warmth to your home. It can also help to create a comfortable space and adds organic beauty to your room. Spring interior designs often use raw, natural woods that have different tones and imperfections. Wooden panelling can make a room stand out, and wooden ceiling beams look fantastic. If you don’t want to do major renovation work, you can invest in a nice piece of wooden furniture, wall art, or wooden venetian blinds.

Choosing woods that are raw and untouched is artistic. The good thing about wooden furniture and art is that its natural tones can complement almost all styles of décor.

A country cottage feel that combines wood, tapestries, or embroidery and neutral colours can also improve the look of your home. Vintage style and shabby chic are popular this spring and will help your home look warm and spacious. Folksy art and mellow meadow prints will allow you to create a modern country vibe. An excellent style for springtime!

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Spring Cleaning and Decluttering

Many people like to reflect on their life and set goals as the season’s change. Spring is also a great time for cleaning and decluttering your home. You may like to get rid of any unnecessary books and bric a brac. Cleaning up your home can give you more space and help create a more relaxed atmosphere.

Repurpose Home Accessories

If you’re into the environment and looking for a sustainable way to redecorate your home this Spring, you may like to try upcycling. Doing up outdated furniture is a budget-friendly way to change the interior of your home. You may want to try giving your coffee table a coat of paint to give it a new lease of life. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could also reupholster a sofa or armchair. Spring is a great time to get creative, and repurposing furniture is a great way to make a statement.

Antique, salvaged, and retro accessories can be used to create a vintage theme. You may like to use strong colours and display some of your favourite accessories. Often a less-is-more approach works best when choosing vintage items; you can also create interest and contrast by displaying unusual things together. To create a more modern twist to your vintage interior, choose rich fabrics as well as statement lighting.

Textured Pottery

Textured ceramics and pottery are in this Spring. Choose pottery with natural colours, such as earthenware bowls or vases with tactile patterns or geometric lines. Pottery can be a statement piece that can add an exciting dimension to your living room.

A vase can be used on its own or filled with Spring flowers to add colour and freshness to your home. Earthy colours and warm tones are popular, and you could paint your walls a terracotta to match your pottery or ceramic pieces.

Chandeliers, Pendants, and Light Fittings

A chandelier can be used to make a statement, especially if it has beautiful pendants. Chandeliers come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colours and can be oversized or whimsical. These types of light fittings will create an instant focal point in any room and are a great way to refresh your interior design.

1980s Revival and Vintage Style

Speaking of chandeliers, 1980’s style is on trend this spring. Think wealth and opulence and get inspiration from the art deco movement. The ’80s was a time of minimalist style and sculptural forms. You may like to invest in some 1980’s swivel kitchen chairs or highly polished brass fittings. In the 1980’s brass, lacquer, glass, and stone all had sparkling high-shine finishes. You may like to score antique and vintage sites to bag yourself some 80’s memorabilia or choose modern-day furniture and décor that’s been inspired by the ’80s.

Circular and Scalloped Furniture

Scalloped-edge and rounded furniture and décor are in fashion this season. There are various chairs, lampshades, and sofas on the market, all with scalloped edges. Circular love seats are a great addition to any room and give you a cosy space to relax.

Plaster accents

This Spring plaster accent pieces are on-trend, including classic Greek busts, high-end sculptures, and art pieces. Plaster looks excellent as it’s sophisticated, has a chalky finish, and allows you to create a classic style.

Update Your Bedding

This Spring, the trend is to move away from plain white sheets and choose a more colourful option. If you’re looking to create a spring-themed bedroom, choose floral or natural motifs with birds and animals.

Alternatively, choose bold colours, shapes, and patterns as this makes your bedroom fun and playful. It’s also a good idea to choose bedding that’s made from lighter fabrics as the summer is on its way.

Muted Metallics

During the winter, shiny metal finishes are often used to add light to interior spaces. As the spring approaches, your home will benefit from lengthening days and more natural light. Low shine metallics can be added to your home. Objects such as mirrors with muted metallic frames can be used in bedrooms and living rooms to make your space feel larger. You may also like to invest in metal lamps or furniture with brushed metallic finishes. These have a weathered look that’s subtle yet attractive.

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Spring Design Trends for Children’s Bedrooms

Children’s bedrooms should be fun and stimulation yet also calming and relaxing. It’s vital to get the balance right, as children love to play in their bedroom but also need to be able to relax and unwind at bedtime. Creating different areas in your children’s bedroom will help them get the best of both worlds.


Bright colours are popular this spring for older children and teenagers. Different shades of the same colour also look great. It’s crucial to take time to carefully decide which colour would be best for your child’s room. Colour can affect a child’s mood and ability to sleep. Some children seem to be more affected by colours than others. Opting for a classic colour pallet or pastel shades will benefit younger children and help them to sleep.

If you want to use one colour that will dominate your child’s bedroom, it’s a good idea to use various textures on the floors and walls. Too much of one colour can be boring but mixing up the textures adds interest to the room.


Bright coloured plastic or wooden table and chairs are great for younger children as they will be able to paint, play or complete their homework. You can also invest in some colourful cube-shaped storage blocks in which to keep toys and games.

Using natural wood in your child’s bedroom is a trend this Spring that can provide warmth. Choose a wooden bed with an attractive grain that will never go out of style and can be used by your child throughout their childhood and beyond.


Accessories, such as children’s blinds, colourful cushions, and nice light shades, can also make your child’s room feel more welcoming and homely. You may like to combine neutral or pastel coloured walls with a fun, bright, patterned blind and some large floor cushions.

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Welcome in the new season and freshen up your home this spring by applying a fresh coat of paint or choosing contemporary home décor. Incorporating the above Spring interior design trends will allow you to create a stylish home that will feel comfortable for you and your family. Redecorating your home will also make you the envy of your friends, and your space will be more welcoming for family and friends.

Improving the interior of your home doesn’t have to cost a lot. You can easily create a new look with a lick of paint by adding some new cushions or choosing a bright patterned blind.

If you’re looking to refresh your home and want to purchase some good quality blinds, check out SoEasy Blinds Today. The company stocks a wide range of stylish and functional blinds and suits all tastes and budgets.