Blinds for Rooflite Windows

Blinds for Rooflite Windows

Blinds for Rooflite Windows

If you’ve got an angled ceiling or converted loft in your home that leaves the room feeling dark and dingy, then you should definitely be considering a Rooflite window.

Sleek and elegant in design, Rooflite windows create a bright and spacious feel in any room, despite having a slightly narrower feel due to the enclosing ceiling. Offering a modern look in any home, their slimline design makes for a pleasant and simple fit.

They pivot open from the centre, with a handle situated at the bottom of the frame for an easy pushed out movement. If that seems like too much hassle, then you can even purchase an electronic opener separately which will allow you to open the windows with a remote. You can even hook them up to your solar panels to cut down on energy costs!

With their simple to use opening mechanism, Rooflite windows make great ventilator ports and make it easy to control interior room temperatures.

Installed into roof pitches angled between 5 and 15 degrees, Rooflite windows are easy to clean with scratch-free and reinforced 24mm double glazing glass. Rigorous tests are carried out to ensure the safety of the user and from the outside.

Speaking of safety – if you have young children, then Rooflites are again a must-have for your angled ceilings. High up and out of reach, they’ll ensure little fingers don’t get caught!

Blinds for Rooflite windows are available with white and silver frames and in 7 different colours.