Velux Blackout Pleated Blinds

Velux Blackout Pleated Blinds

Velux Blackout Pleated Blinds

Here at SoEasy Blinds we have a variety of different Velux blackout pleated blinds on offer to help make your Velux window as efficient and attractive as possible. There are a number of different options available, so don’t hesitate to inquire if you’re looking for something specific.

Velux blackout pleated blinds are made from a special double-pleated polyester. This gives Velux blinds a more heavy-duty and reliable feel compared to most other blinds. It also allows them to be energy efficient – it’s estimated that they can improve your insulation by up to 25%.

They work equally well in both winter or summer. When the cold weather hits, they’ll prevent a great deal of heat from escaping through your windows. This ultimately makes you more comfortable and means you have to spend less money on heating.

In the summer, they will help to prevent the sun’s rays from heating up your room too much. Keeping it cool and shady during even the most intense heat waves. When you don’t need fans and air-conditioners running so often, your energy bills will go down.

At So Easy Blinds we have a vast selection of genuine Velux blackout pleated blinds for you to choose from. Just select the colour that you feel will suit your decor the best, and let us know your measurements. We’ll cut the blinds to exactly the dimensions you require, so you’re assured of a perfect fit.

Velux blinds are an ideal addition to any room, serving as a genuinely useful and highly attractive feature. They can set off a room perfectly in the right colour. Their durable construction also makes sure that they’re going to be a lasting investment.

Have a browse and see the Velux blackout pleated blinds we have in stock today.