Trending Bathroom Colours

Trending Bathroom Colours

In previous years, white bathrooms have been the basic trend in the industry. People are however moving from this mentality and becoming adventurous to try other more appealing and different colours for different feels and moods for this area of the house. The trending style is marked by the return to the natural and functional in the bathroom. This will be coupled with easy to maintain and practical arrangement of spaces but at the same time combined with elegance and comfort. The masonry aesthetic and Straight lines give the option of using one material to coat the floor and the walls.

The natural theme brings back the use of stone, wood, ceramics even clay to the bathroom. This can be mixed with minimal synthetic materials. This creates an organic yet modern theme which is trending. Whether it’s a wooden bathtub, ceramic tiles, clay vessels, cement tiles, metallic blinds, etc, conversion of old materials into usable items to complete the look is very acceptable.

As regards colours, the natural theme, therefore, means that clean colours depicting nature will be the in thing for a while. This season brilliant blues, matte blacks, earthy greens, saturated greens, jewel tones, golden yellow or combining either tone will be the trend. This may even spill over to next year.

Brilliant blues tend to give a room a sense of wellness and restfulness. It makes the room look fresh and aired and brings serenity and calmness into a space allowing your mind to relax. This makes the bathing experience enjoyable. You can incorporate a blue roller blind to bring out the essence of the room. Check out our bathroom roller blinds.

The saturated green feels very bold and wild. It is very compatible with neutrals. It’s very bright and creates a mood that lifts the spirits and brings you back life when you step into a room. The colour is trending after the Pantone colour institute declared greenery the colour of the year. This colour brings the outdoors indoors.

Jewel tones are other colours that are in the spotlight. They are very dramatic, unlike other shades. They are hard to ignore especially due to their diverse mixtures and patterns. They shake up a room and make you want to stay there a little longer. You can try painting your bathroom turquoise for example and then pair with metallic blinds.

Golden yellow brings in a sunny shade to your space. This colour is adaptable to many functions and designs. Yellow tiles whether mixed with other colours, by themselves or even on the wall are very welcoming. They make the room brighter and lift up your spirits. They emit an aura of some sort of energy in the room. At, we have all sorts of blinds in this colour to help you achieve your bathroom theme.

Also trending is the Matte black. This colour has stricken a lot of debate this year. This colour creates a sense of mystery and is not too bold or laid back for the bathroom. It’s the perfect balance. It is seen as elegant, stylish and also cultured. It is also disruptive and revolutionary depending on how it is used. For a good look, pair black matte walls with white blinds.