Top Tips for a Wonderfully Cosy Bedroom

Top Tips for a Wonderfully Cosy Bedroom

No matter how big or small your bedroom, we think it should be a room where you can relax, unwind and feel 100% cosy and content. With the cold, dark mornings and evenings of winter just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to rethink your sleeping space and make sure it’s as snug as bug ready for the new season.

To help, here are some top tips on creating a wonderfully cosy bedroom.

Start With the Windows

When adding cosiness to your bedroom, where better to start than the windows. Windows are responsible for a shed load of heat loss, so it’s important to dress them properly to attain maximum protection against the chilly winter elements. At SoEasy, we’d recommend combining a blackout roller blind with a thick pair of curtains for ultimate cosiness and warmth on those sub-zero winter evenings.

Then, Consider the Door

If your bedroom’s prone to the odd draft, it’ll lose heat quickly — meaning your toes will be blue by the time you’ve woken up and reburied them beneath the sheets. To stop nuisance drafts from bringing a wintry chill to your bedroom, add a draft excluder to the bottom of your bedroom door. Doors are the chief culprits in letting drafts into your room, but a good old excluder will keep any external chilliness at bay.

Add Extra Layers of Warmth

Unless you want a whacking great energy bill, it’s impractical to leave the heating on 24 hours a day throughout the winter months. If however, your bedroom’s blooming chilly, you can always add extra layers to keep the room warm and welcoming. By adding additional throws, blankets, quilts and cushions to the space, you’ll make the room about as cosy as a hedgehog’s hibernation den — perfect for those frosty mornings when you just want an extra half an hour in bed.

Colour Creates Cosiness

If your bedroom is lacking in any and all colour it can look cold, sterile and unwelcoming, which isn’t what you want on a dark winter’s eve. By introducing pockets of colour to the space, you’ll increase its cosiness ten-fold and ensure it’s a warm and friendly place to be at any time of the year. For the ultimate in cosy colour, opt for reds, oranges and other deep shades that breathe life and vibrancy into the existing décor. At SoEasy Blinds we feature hundreds of blinds in a range of bright and welcoming fabrics — perfect for adding warmth and cosiness to your interiors.


Don’t Fear Clutter

As touched on above — we think a bedroom should be somewhere to relax and unwind, free from the stresses and strains of everyday life. With this in mind, it’s important to forget about keeping your bedroom spotlessly tidy and embrace a little clutter. Provided it doesn’t get out of hand, managed clutter is a great way to enhance the cosiness of your bedroom. Surrounded by your favourite things, the space will feel immediately more inviting, and encourage you to do nothing but relax beneath the sheets.

Get the Light Right

Whatever the room, when it comes to creating cosiness — getting the light right is essential. While a ceiling light might provide practical illumination when you’re cleaning, studying or getting ready for a night on the town — it hardly evokes complete cosiness and contentment. Instead of relying on a ceiling light, add low-wattage lamps to the space, as well as the odd candle. This will give the room a dim, cosy ambience that’s sure to make you sleepy. Investing in a new blind will also help you control the amount of light in the space; we’d recommend a venetian blind for the best light filtering possibilities.


Whatever the existing décor of your bedroom, SoEasy Blinds offer a range of made-to-measure blinds in a number of fabric choices — so you can easily enhance the cosiness of your bedroom or other rooms around the home. To find out more, click here to visit our website or call us on 0800 093 9635.