Summer Trends

Summer Trends

Bright and Light: Trademark Summer Trends

Summer is a time for people to remove the clutter created by the cold and rainy months. A time in which they are able to open their windows and let in warmth and light, scents of fresh evening breezes, and the hint of grills being lit. After the dreary winter months and a rainy spring, nothing works better at making a house feel as welcoming as light colours and minimal décor.

Because of this, the summer trends for 2017 show a marked tendency to favour the lighter colours of the range, especially white, oyster, and cream for walls, coupled with pastels and simple patterns for blinds, curtains and upholstery. These colours tend to create the illusion of increased space, making any room look larger. They also help maximize the use of both natural and artificial lighting, by making good use of the extended daylight hours.

Contrasting Colours: Welcoming Longer Days

Solid coloured furniture and accessories create a pleasant environment and contrast nicely with the white and cream shades of the surrounding walls. The same stands true for curtains. Focus on deep blues and darker shades of green, rather than on heavy patterns. Tonal palettes have the added benefit of being easy on the eyes, while helping people relax. In a world that is always busy and working at high stress levels, having a space that provides relaxing colours, soft lighting, and minimalistic décor helps to reduce the impact of daily stressors on the body, while allowing the eyes to recover from the noxious effects of the glaring fluorescent lighting that is so popular in many office and retail spaces.

Metallic Accessories: The Perfect Accent to Beautiful Colours

For a clean finish, metallic accessories are the perfect way to top off a contrasting look. Whether it’s brass, bronze, chrome, copper, or a mixture of them all, a few of these accessories, such as side tables, lamps, or decorative items, will seal the deal by giving the room an airy and breezy feel, which is only heightened by natural light coming in through the windows thanks to clear coloured, thin fabric curtains or blinds.

Speaking of Accessories…

One of the biggest trends for the summer of 2017 is one which will probably stick around for the next few years. I am referring to playful and funny statues. Gone are the days of the seriously demure classic sculpture, this is the time to add a good measure of fun by selecting one or several statement sculptures which will not only look good, but will also become great focal points for those times in which you have company. So get out there, browse around, support your favourite charity, and strategically place a couple of these pieces around your home for an added touch of summer fun.

Painted Concrete Tiles: A Must Have Both Indoors and Out.

When thinking of redecorating for the warm weather, don’t forget to include flooring in your plan. Painted concrete tiles are the perfect addition to any space, regardless of whether it is inside or outside your home. One of the biggest features of these tiles is that they are thermal, which means they will help cool off your space during the summer, but will also collect warmth during the winter. These tiles are also available in a myriad of designs and colours, making them a perfect way to complete your new summer décor.