Six Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bedroom Blinds

Six Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bedroom Blinds

Choosing between blinds and curtains for the bedroom is not the end of the decision. At So Easy Blinds, we stock a huge range of blinds in different colours, styles and function. Here we offer six simple tips to help guide you towards picking the perfect blinds for your bedroom.

Consider the Position of the Sun

Where is the sun positioned when you’re trying to enjoy the weekend papers in bed on a Sunday? If it is peering straight through your window, seemingly intent on reading the sports pages, then it is advisable to get thicker blinds to protect against potential glare. East-facing bedrooms may be more susceptible to unwanted levels of sun bursting through in the AM. However, if your bedroom faces north or south – you may want to consider thinner blinds which will invite plenty of sun into the room during the middle of the day.

Nosey Neighbours

The sanctity of your bedroom should never be compromised by nearby neighbours in close enough proximity to peer into the bedroom and get an eyeful. If you are close enough to gaze into your neighbours’ home and see what they’re having for their tea, then they can likely see into your home. Plain vertical blinds can inhibit anybody looking into your home whilst letting the light outside into the bedroom.

Think Long-Term

High quality blinds may last longer than your love for the décor of the bedroom (particularly if you’re prone to getting an itchy decorating finger) so it’s always prudent to think long-term and whether your choice of blind is adaptable to multiple décor styles and colour schemes. Classic blind designs such as wooden venetians can complement a wide range of different colour schemes in the bedroom.

Break Up the Walls

Whether your bedroom walls are painted or wallpapered – the blinds provide the perfect opportunity to break-up the pattern or theme. If you have plain walls – then patterned blinds could add a sense of character to the bedroom. Alternatively, patterned walls could be perfectly complemented by plain blinds – ensuring the décor of the room does not clash.

Complement the Exterior

‘Kerb appeal’ is another factor when selecting the perfect bedroom blinds – ensuring the blinds look as attractive and natural externally as they do internally. Consider the colour schemes and style of the house and select the blinds accordingly – this is the angle from which the majority of people will see your home.

Little Hands

If the blinds are intended for a child’s bedroom then it is advisable to select an option which is easy for the kids to open and close at their leisure – rather than sitting in the dark waiting for the grown-ups to finally wake up. At So Easy Blinds, all of our blinds are fitted with a child safety device so little hands can open and close the blinds without endangering themselves.

For more guidance when selecting blinds for the bedroom, please visit the So Easy Blinds homepage or call our dedicated team now on 0800 093 9635. We’ll be happy to send out samples to help you choose from our comprehensive range.