New Year, New You: Revitalise Your Home with These Simple Design Tips

New Year, New You: Revitalise Your Home with These Simple Design Tips

Happy New Year from everyone on the SoEasy Blinds team! Now that the clamour of Christmas and New Year has come to a close, most folk will be keen to do away with decadence and detox their way to a healthier and happier lifestyle. Instead of relying on an ill-fated set of resolutions to kick-start 2016, however, we think one of the best ways to get-set for the next 12 months is to refresh and revitalise your home by way of a much-needed January decorating spree.

To help you step into the New Year in complete comfort and style, here are some simple design tips to refresh your home in 2016.

Embrace a Whole New Colour Palette

Nothing says ‘fresh start’ like giving your home a new lick of paint, particularly if you opt for a bright, bold shade that’s completely different from your existing colour scheme. It’s a proven fact that colour can influence mood, so why not plump for a happy hue when making your decision down the paint aisle — we’re thinking yellow, orange or a fruity lime green. If you’re reluctant to put paint to brush and redecorate your entire interior space; adding pops of colour in the form of soft furnishings or bright blinds is a great way to introduce fresh shades to the space.

Make Better Use of Light

Pre-Christmas winter is kind of magical, with the dark evenings providing a cosy accompaniment to the festive lights and decorations. Come January, the wintry gloom becomes much more oppressive, leaving most longing for the light nights of spring. Until the new season arrives, however, we’re stuck with the darkness — so it’s important to make use of whatever light is available.

One of the best ways to control the amount of natural light in your home is through the use of appropriate curtains and blinds. Depending on the window dressings you choose, you stand to flood your home with light on those pale wintry days. To make better use of light in your home, we’d recommend a vertical or Venetian blind, both of which offer complete adjustability for heightened light control.

Bring the Outside In

With the worst of winter yet to come, you’ll likely be spending a lot of time indoors over the coming months. To sidestep the onset of cabin fever, add natural elements to your home to create a sense of being out in the great outdoors. From green soft furnishings to living, breathing plant life; natural design touches will give your home a fresh, serene feel, and help to inject a sense of calm and tranquillity to your interiors.

De-clutter to De-stress

If there’s one negative side effect of Christmas, it’s the amount of clutter amassed by new gifts and leftover decorations. Detoxing body and mind in the New Year will be made all the more difficult if your home is awash with clutter and mess, so reach for the bin bags and have a good old sort out. By throwing out unwanted items and designing better storage solutions, you’ll minimise and rejuvenate your home — creating the perfect space in which to lead a happier, healthier and more comfortable lifestyle.

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