Interior Décor Ideas for Spring

Interior Décor Ideas for Spring

Spring is here, the chills, snow, and blizzards are gone, and the flowers are blossoming. The long cold nights and the short snowy days that confined you indoors are passed. You were mainly concerned with keeping warm and conserving energy in your space.

With a change of temperature and the environment bustling with flora, you have to bring your home to life – to synchronize your space with the climate and weather and bring ambiance. To achieve this, you have to put up blinds that connect your space to the environment outside. Additionally, you may find it necessary to colour your space to enhance the spring tranquillity. We have great ideas that can assist you at least to get started on your journey to improving the atmosphere in your home this spring. We shall dwell on each section of your home and subdivide the spaces into five namely:
• The foyer, living room and dining room
• The kitchen
• The hallways
• Bathrooms,
• Bedroom

The foyer, living room and dining room

In most of the times that you spend at home, you are in these spaces. The fundamental characteristic in their layouts is large windows overlooking the front lawn or a park below – in a highrise apartment. The colour selection of these spaces is not only dependent on the environment outside but your furniture, carpets, electronics, lampshades, fixtures and fittings and most importantly, the blinds. It is important to note that the colour that you select for spring should enhance the general outlook of your belongings and not compete in that regard.

Therefore, the contrast should be subtle yet intense. Pastel hues achieve this nuance and complement the household items and outside. Most importantly, they uplift the spirit. Depending on the dominant colour of your space, you can either select elegant and romantic colours if the dominant colour is masculine. Classic colours can complement the lawn and flowers outside to achieve tranquillity. These colours are lavender; rapture rose, military green and others Just to mention a few. You should note that the blinds should be set out such that they bring in lots of natural light.

The kitchen

The kitchen is an essential section of the home. You do not need to colour your kitchen space for spring. The best approach to improving the atmosphere is to install vertical blinds that allow maximum lights to get in and the cooking steam to get out. It is vital to introduce translucent vertical blinds always let sunlight into your kitchen.

The hallways and staircases

To improve your hallways and staircases, you should consider the floor space rather than the walls. If there is a high window on the stairs, a roller blind will be ideal to install as it is easy to adjust.


Bathrooms are essential areas of your home. The basic décor of a toilet is the bathroom blinds. The blinds serve to enhance the privacy of the user and also create an atmosphere of calmness. Bathrooms have to have a fluffy rug on the floor to avoid slip and fall accidents. Magazine rack, candleholders, and a flower pot can also be an integral part of the space.

Bedroom and Loft

The bedroom requires décor that sooth the mind and evoke the feeling of relaxation. Therefore, the shades of grey and orange can be used to sooth the atmosphere. It is essential to include elegant bedside lamp stands on the side of the bed. During spring, there can be times that you desire to sleep early. Faux wooden blinds can control the amount of light you require while giving you the ability to connect with the environment outside.