Fitting the Best Blackout Blinds

Fitting the Best Blackout Blinds

The summer months mean longer days and (if you’re lucky) some long-awaited rays to soak up, whether you’re out having fun or just relaxing in the garden. Of course, longer days also mean earlier sunrises, which can be a real problem when you need as much sleep as you can get before the dreaded weekday alarm goes off. And, even if you are up with the sun each day, you don’t want anything to disturb that well-deserved Sunday morning lie-in, right? That’s where blackout blinds come into their own.

They’re not just about light though. Blackout blinds can also help to keep unwanted heat from the sun out too, so come bedtime, you can drift off to sleep without the stifling temperatures. It works the other way as well, because in winter, they’ll help to ensure that the warmth stays in your home for longer. So that you can be sure you’re choosing the right kind of blackout blind, here’s a look at the different types available.

Blackout vertical blinds

Popular and versatile, vertical blinds are many people’s go-to choice for any room. They look stylish and are simple to use, with a huge range of colours available. And if you love the look but need some extra help keeping the sun out, blackout vertical blinds are a great option, made from non-translucent material, yet still with a stylish pattern or shade to match your décor.

Blackout roller blinds

For those who love the uniform look, blackout roller blinds are ideal. They’re a natural choice for portrait-style bedroom windows, featuring a single piece of thicker fabric that creates a simple and effective barrier to the sun. And if you want to be doubly sure you’re letting in even less light, Perfect Fit blackout roller blinds are brilliant. They’re attached to a fitting that goes between your window’s glass and its rubber seal to create a (yes, you’ve guessed it) ‘perfect fit’.

Skylight blackout blinds

Following the same principles but for a completely different type of window, skylight blackout blinds are vital if you have a loft conversion bedroom or a well-lit bungalow lounge. Skylight windows are inset into the roof of your house, which means the idea of conventional curtains goes right out of the window. So, whatever the manufacturer of the skylight windows in your home, skylight blackout blinds are literally made for the job, designed to fit each recess perfectly and block out any unwanted light.

Blackout panel blinds

Of course, it’s not all about keeping the sun out when it comes to blackout blinds. Whether you’ve got high floor to ceiling windows or large patio doors, come sundown, you’re going to want to relax in private. Blackout panel blinds are the perfect choice, and more cost-effective than curtains. They’re also great for forming different zones in large living spaces, so you can create a chill zone with its own subdued lighting, unaffected by any bulbs blazing away at the other end of the room.