Different Colours For Different Rooms

Different Colours For Different Rooms

Did you know that you can control your room’s atmosphere and mood with your choice of blinds colour? Blinds are an excellent way to incorporate contrast or create subtle effects for a truly inviting living indoor space. When properly executed, colours can impact the feel and design that reflects your style, preference, taste and personality. Many homeowners struggle when faced with the task of selecting the appropriate blinds colour for their individual rooms. To help you out with the selection process, there are four things to consider when implementing some colour variety in your home. These include:

  • The size of the space to which you are selecting blinds for
  • The colours that already exist in the room
  • The mood or atmosphere you are trying to create
  • Whether you prefer neutral tones or more colourful hues

SoEasy Blinds offers a wide selection of colour choices that range from dark and neutral tones to bright and vivid shades that add a pop of colour in every design to bring the desired effect in your home.

Choosing Colours for Different Rooms

Most people will prefer to use light or neutral colours for their bedrooms. These colours, whether solid white, grey, brown, beige, pink or cream are available in different shades to help evoke a soft, elegant yet casual and comfortable tone that is perfect for bedroom spaces. Light colours are also used to create an illusion of spaciousness, especially in small rooms. If you are a light-sleeper and are easily woken up by light rays, you can choose from our excellent selection of venetian blinds that is ideal for controlling the amount of light coming in from the outside.

Using relaxing colours like shades of blue, green or even lavender in escape rooms including bathrooms creates a harmonious and soothing effect that simultaneously enlarges and brightens your space. We offer a variety of moisture-resistant bathroom roller blinds to add a refreshing feel to your bathroom. For the living rooms and lounge areas, pick a colour that blends in with the room’s colour scheme or bright and warm colours that stand out. Using reds, oranges, browns, yellows and greens can make the home seem more welcoming from the outside or warmer on the inside. Homeowners can take to window coverings that are rustic and warm by choosing from our range of high-quality wooden blinds to add a new dimension to their living room interiors. Further, for your kitchens, use reds and yellows to create pleasant moods perfect for elegant and modern cooking areas.

When it comes to children’s rooms, opt for stylish, fun and vibrant colours that reflect their little personalities. Parents can choose from our popular selection of kids roman blinds featuring playful details to add warmth and energy to their rooms. You also have the extra benefit of livening up your space with our pleated blinds collection available in a variety of colours and patterns. Remember to always consider the material, room furnishings and other elements in your home when incorporating these colours.

The colour of window treatments plays a significant role on both the interior and exterior home environment. It’s critical to ensure that the colours you choose for your blinds surround you with a soothing and relaxing ambience that offers a functional, comfortable and attractive living space.