Curtains: Styles, Themes and Fabrics

Curtains: Styles, Themes and Fabrics

Conventional window coverings like curtains do more than controlling the amount of natural light that spills into a room – they can be used to insulate a home, as a statement piece, and act as an extension of the room’s aesthetic. Certain weaves may also have product performance based on the weight and type of material used.

These types of coverings are a common window treatments as well as the simplest to install. Curtains are made to fit the size of the window. Thermal lined curtains are made with thermal technology, making them energy efficient and block out the majority of visible sun rays. Thicker curtains may be a bit heavier, but their thickness can add a rustic feel to a room. Thick curtains may also help insulate a room against outside noise.

The Fabric Also Matters

The aesthetic of the curtains is also important. Even though curtains can always be switched out and changed, you want to do it right the first time with the patterns that will complement your living space.

Plain, one colour curtains tend to be a favourite for those who want something that will agree with a room’s colour schemes. The one colour curtain can be an extension of the colours in the room, or it could be opposite the colour wheel to add an accent hue. Many plain curtains are made with unique, vibrant interfaces like Artisan Terracotta and Sheba Red. For a kid’s room, you have the option of selecting curtains with an adorable scenario on them, like seaside huts, alphabet animals.

Blackout curtains are thicker and also have thermal properties to them. Most curtains will have some ability to block some sun and outside noise, with some fabrics performing better than others.  Our curtains come in a myriad of styles, colours, and patterns. If you have a theme that you want to adhere to, then you can select one of our made to measure curtains based on that idea.