Colour Trends For Autumn

Colour Trends For Autumn

The autumn season is already here with us, and it brings a lot of changes with it, not only in the weather but our homes as well.

The bright and airy mood and aesthetic of the summer season has passed by, and most of us would like to add on little tweaks to our interiors to make them more Autumn ready. Now, though it may not be possible to change the interior of your whole house seasonally, there are a few things you can play around with to get the same effect. We discuss how to do this with colour.


The transition from the soft millennial pink of the summer period into the rich berry tones for the autumn season. You can use it as a wall colour for the bedroom area and pair it with blush tones for a beautiful contrasting effect.

Jewel Tones

A classic, gold continues to make its mark through the ages. Gold tones in furniture, lamps, wallpaper adds a splash of warmth and elegance to any room.

Shades of Blue

Darker tones are in this Autumn season. They give pale pastels that were in during the summer months a sophisticated spin and allow them transition into the autumn period flawlessly. Midnight blue is the go-to if you are looking to add deeper, richer scheme. It brings in drama and mystery into the space without having to resort to black. Forest green and emerald pair perfectly with dark blue hues. Jewel tones and statement lighting add a relaxed yet sophisticated look.


The muted cleanness and sophistication of grey tones goes without stating. A simple grey rug, throw, or fur pillow can add so much difference in a room. You can incorporate it into your scheme by creating a monochrome interior look or by adding pieces in the form of rugs, lamps, curtains, etc. Be careful using grey though as it can tend to seem a bit washed out and dark if paired with the wrong shades.


Velvet is the fabric of the moment. The interior furnishing space is obsessed with everything velvet from throw pillows to rugs and armchairs/sofas. Granted, these can be a bit on the upper side of the price range and require a lot more extra to maintain. More practicality is being added to this fabric to improve usability as there are stain resistant options available in the market. If investing in a whole new sofa is not a priority now you can use velvet throw pillows and cushions to achieve a similar effect.

Other interior options worth considering during this season also include:


Interior blinds come in a variety of designs, materials and colours for your specific needs. For use in the autumn season, it is possible to achieve the perfect autumnal look by taking into consideration the design and colour of the various blinds located around the different rooms in your house. We provide the latest in blind designs and colours suitable for every season for your colour scheme and interior needs


Incorporate different textures into the space to create the ultimate contrast. Add woven textured items like wicker stands, woven light pendants and offset the rugged feel by pairing with velvet, which can also be achieved by adding chunky knits for a warm, cosy look.

If you can’t settle on any one colour for a room, pick several contrasting shades to create a colour blocking effect. Just balance and ensure they don’t overpower the room.