Choosing the Best Blinds

Choosing the Best Blinds

So you’re redecorating your home and finding it difficult to accumulate all of the furniture and accessories you need to reflect your preferred design aesthetic. Interior design is harder than it seems because it’s the smaller details that really bring the appearance of a room together; you have to have a keen eye for detail in order to make all of the different elements work. More than just practical, blinds also play a big part in making a room more visually appealing and they’re a crucial element in achieving your room design. Here’s a detailed guide on how to master each popular house design style so that every room in your house gets decorated to perfection:


The contemporary style is characterised by an ever-changing aesthetic that moves with the time. It can be notoriously hard to get this style right as you have to select items that are timeless and can continue to reflect the contemporary aesthetic even as time passes. When choosing furnishings, it’s best to stick to a neutral palette of creamy beiges and rich chocolatey browns. However, you shouldn’t be afraid of a pop of colour but be careful not to go overboard; a bold piece of contemporary art or a statement wall would be a great addition to the living room or bedroom. When it comes to contemporary blinds, you can’t go wrong with wooden blinds; Venetian wooden blinds, in particular, exude sophistication and are guaranteed to become a treasured accompaniment for any contemporary living room or bedroom.


Who says that your home design has to follow a specific set of rules? Make each room in your home a feast for the eyes, with quirky furnishings and bold designs wherever you look. This is a popular design for children’s bedrooms, or even living rooms looking for an injection of fun and personality. However, it’s important to find the right balance between busy and cluttered as you want to fill the space with some of your favourite belongings without looking like a hoarder. Aluminum Venetian blinds are perfect for the funky design trend, as they come in a variety of colours so you will always find one that can tie in to the aesthetic of your room; go bold with glimmering copper or bright red, or use your blinds to balance out the room by opting for a neutral white or brown.


This humble and warm design draws inspiration from nature and is characterised by minimalistic surroundings and wooden furniture. Nowadays, it’s common for people to combine rustic designs with more modern furniture to create an irresistible aesthetic sought after by many interior designers. The overall aim with this look is to create an intimate and cosy space and eradicate any vast and open areas; this can be achieved with oversized furnishings and more furry sofa throws than you think you’ll need. With the rustic design, there can never be too much wood; incorporate it into your bedframes, fridge, and even your choice of blinds. Faux wood Venetian blinds fit perfectly into this trend and will look great in every room in the house; as well as being attractive they also give your home that sought after vibe of intimacy.


Modern and contemporary designs are often confused but they’re actually worlds apart. Characterised by trends made in the 20th century, modern design is all about the crisp lines and a sleek aesthetic. If you want to achieve this look, avoid colour at all costs and stick to a neutral palette of whites, browns and blacks. Clutter is the enemy of the modern aesthetic and the aim is to create a broad and open space devoid of bulky furnishings. Vertical blinds or pleated blinds are both perfect for the modern design as they will give you the crisp lines and understated appearance that you’ve been looking for.

Shabby chic

This feminine design is becoming increasingly popular in the interior design world and homeowners desperately trying to inject the vintage and minimalist design into their property. The focus is usually on the furnishings instead of the walls themselves; beds and sofas tend to have a more distressed appearance and are also mismatched. Lighting is an essential aspect of the shabby chic aesthetic and you should use lamps and wall lights to create a soft glow. When it comes to blinds, less is more and a great idea is to layer budget roller blinds behind net curtains. Roman blinds also match the aesthetic and come in a variety of different fabric options to match your shabby chic colour scheme.