Blinds Inspired by Christmas Decor Ideas

Blinds Inspired by Christmas Decor Ideas

The annual parade of Christmas ads has already begun marching through prime time TV, and it’s got everyone here at SoEasy Blinds bristling with the excitement of the season. If it’s your time to host the holiday dinner or Christmas eve bash, then it may also be time to have a look at what’s currently dressing your windows. Don’t let you tired, shabby drapes and blinds be an eyesore to guests when you can have custom coverings made for you at a great price, and installed before Great Aunt Agatha’s feet hit your front stoop.

To have a little fun with the season, we looked at some of hottest Christmas decorating trends for the home this year, and hand picked blinds from our own collections to go with them. Don’t be scared of choosing your blinds to coordinate with your room for one season of the year-these blinds are “evergreen” in that they are all classic looks that work all year round.

Mixing metallics

Add extra sparkle to a room with our Frosted Silver Aluminum Venetian Blinds. Combining metallics in one room is a wonderful way to bounce light around from various mood lighting sources-candle light, the roaring fire, and floor lamps and chandeliers. These blinds blend effortlessly into just about any room for a touch of subtle opulence that won’t overshadow your favourite silver-rimmed dinnerware.

Warm wood tones

From freshly chopped wood for the fire to the evergreen in the living room, you can’t deny the warmth that real wood brings to a Christmas-filled home. We are in love with our whole collection of Wooden Venetian Blinds but the ones that we feel suit the season best have to be Fired Walnut and Honey tones. If you love the look of wooden Venetian blinds but want something monochromatic, these Polar white blinds give windows a crisp and clean treatment.

Classic “candy cane” red and white

Introduce your red and white stripe Christmas decor to the most unexpected areas of the room-plates, textiles, and even your blinds. Our Candy Cane Blush Roman Blinds feature a bold, graphic stripe pattern that is very on-trend right now.

Monochromatic “white out”

One of the best ways to offset a monochromatic look that is heading toward clinical is to use different textures to make the room look rich and interesting. Try these Amazon Cotton Roller Blinds for a touch of simple elegance. Add semi-sheer white drapes or boughs of evergreen for some contrast and layers.

Guest rooms for weary travellers

Set the grandparents, cousins or out-of-town friends up in a room that allows them to get their beauty sleep. Jet lag has nothing on our Blackout Vertical Blinds that come in just about every colour and tone you can think of. They make the room so comfortingly dim that Melatonin will be flowing through your guests in no time. You may need to wake them up yourself on Christmas morning.

Make it fuss-free and entirely washable

And when the gang at the kid’s table decide to do a little interior decorating themselves? Our Washable Vertical Blinds have your back. These made-to-measure vertical blinds can be washed over and over again at 40°C without losing shape or colour.

Give us a call at 0800 093 9635 and tell us about your latest, greatest Christmas home decor idea and we will help you find blinds that will look fabulous, on December 25th and beyond.