Bedroom Design Ideas

Bedroom Design Ideas

What Does the Colour Scheme of Your Bedroom Mean to You?

The bedroom is meant to be a relaxing place. It should be a location where you feel it is possible to unwind and let your mind settle down after a long day. What can make this space create such a soothing feeling for you? A good place to start is with the colour scheme. Every bedroom should have a colour scheme that fits with the likes of the person sleeping in that space. And, it should be something that specifically allows you to relax.

Let’s consider some options. Could this type of colour scheme work for your needs?

Bright, Bold Colours Can Work

One of the ways your bedroom can become more like you is to allow your personality to come through with each colour. For example, painting the walls a soft, eggshell blue is a great start. Then, add bright orange and soft red colours throughout the room, muted by a softer underlying palette. These colours then pop and stand out, creating a vibrant and inspirational space. A bright, cherry room is a good place to start. Allow light to stream in the windows, or use roller blinds to create just enough privacy. Choose a fun pattern or a simple white, sheer look.

Elegance That’s Soothing

Another route to take is with a bit more opulence without any drama. This isn’t the space to make your bedroom feel uncomfortable or too sophisticated for relaxing. How can you create an elegant space? Start with a more neutral, beige wall. Choose bedding that offers an interesting and even ornate pattern. Select this first to set the stage for the rest of the space. Use golds, off white, and even a touch of pastel blue or browns in the space. Select deluxe roman blinds for this look, such as the Elspeth Ivory line. They offer just enough drama and character to create the outcome you are looking for.

Allow the Romance In

On the other hand, perhaps you want a romantic, sensual space. You can create this with colour as well. Start with a dark, richer colour on the walls, perhaps a deep blue or a purple. You can then accent this with white trim to lighten it up and to create a bit more of an allure to the space. Use darker furniture in the space, accompanied by a larger, softer bed. Lighting here is important. Choose vertical blinds such as Legacy Mode for something alluring and rich, but with ample privacy. The soft light that filters in will set the tone and aid in providing just enough character to the space.

Other options are numerous. For a more Earth-friendly, energizing feel, choose Velux Energy Blinds. They add lots of character and a lot of functionality as well for Velux windows. Match this with any colour of wall paint or fabric. For something a bit more rustic, try a True Fine Grain faux wood blind. Match this with earthy tones throughout the room, especially on the fabric and the trim.

The ultimate goal of any bedroom should be to compliment the thoughts and feelings of the people sleeping there. Think about what you want to see when you open your eyes each morning. Then, allow that theme to play out in the colours you select.