6 Simple Ways to Cut Your Energy Bill this Winter

6 Simple Ways to Cut Your Energy Bill this Winter

Autumn is officially here, and that means the chilliness of winter is but a few weeks away. By now, we’re sure many of you will have flicked on the heating to enjoy a spot of warmth and cosiness, or at least flirted with the idea before opting to put on a jumper instead.

For all homeowners, winter presents a catch-22. Of course you want to keep warm, toasty and snug throughout the long, cold winter — but leaving your heating switched on for the entire season will undoubtedly result in an eye-watering energy bill by the time spring comes around.

So, how do you keep you and your family warm through the winter without forking out huge sums for heating? Among other things, these 6 simple tips can help to keep your energy bill in-check this coming season.

Install Thick Fabric Window Blinds

Of all of the places around the home where heat can escape during the winter, windows and doors account for around 25% of the total amount of heat lost to the outside world — which is a lot, given that most of that heat is created from radiators and other expensive heat sources.

Install thick fabric window blinds however, and you stand to half the amount of heat lost through your windows — meaning more money in your pocket. For maximum protection against heat loss, check out our range of blackout roller blinds.

Insulate Your Loft

You’re probably thinking, “that’s not a simple tip”, but trust us — it is. Whether you buy your own or seek a grant from the government using the Energy Company Obligations Scheme; loft insulation is simple to install and could save you 25% on your winter fuel bill.

How? Roofs are one of the main areas where heat can escape in the home, so it’s vital to insulate your loft thoroughly or risk all that radiator heat disappearing into the winter’s sky.

Let the Daylight In

Whilst it can be tempting to keep your curtains and blinds shut throughout the winter to keep biting drafts at bay, during the day it’s important to let the daylight in. Even in the depths of winter, natural daylight can help to warm your home — meaning you can afford to turn the heating off, at least for a short while.

Remember though, as soon as dusk falls it’s important to close your blinds and curtains to retain what heat the sun has generated.

Add a Rug or Two

Whether you live in a terraced house or a fifth floor flat, adding a rug or two around the home can help keep heat from escaping through the floor. This is particularly true of homes with hard flooring, as the absence of any carpet can increase the likelihood of heat loss. Not only will a good rug help keep the heat, it’ll cosy up your interior space — making your home feel altogether more snugly.

Keep Tabs On Mini Draft Hotspots

The odd draft might not seem a big deal at any other time of the year, but during the winter these air leaks can lead to major heat and energy wastage. From letterboxes and cat flaps to chimneys and cracks; mini draft hotspots come in all shapes and sizes, and should be plugged to retain as much heat as possible throughout the long, cold winter months.

Don’t Cover Your Radiators

If a sofa, bed, table or cabinet is situated in front of the radiator, it can absorb or block the heat — so you won’t feel the benefit in the rest of the room. During the winter it’s often worth having a swap-round so that the heat from the radiator can flow through the room.

Alternatively, if the radiator is beneath a window, the heat can often get trapped between the curtain and the window. To combat this, install a shelf just above the heater; this will buffer the heat, directing it toward the room and not straight into the window frame.

If you’re interested in purchasing thick, made-to-measure blinds to help keep your home warm this winter, visit the SoEasy Blinds website or call us on 0800 093 9635.