5 Spring Interior Design Trends to Spruce Up Your Space

5 Spring Interior Design Trends to Spruce Up Your Space

Every spring is ripe with opportunities to spruce up interiors. With so much colour and pattern to look forward to this spring, there is no shortage of inspiration to re-imagine and re-energize your space. If you’re ready to try something new, below are some of the most exciting trends in colours and patterns dominating the interior design world right now.

Ultra Violet

Pantone’s 2018 colour of the year is an undeniably provocative hue. Described as “nuanced and full of emotion,” ultra violet definitely packs a punch that can add drama to any corner of the home. Whether you’re adventurous enough to commit to an all purple theme or prefer to test the waters with home accessories first, this bold and unconventional colour is sure to make a statement. Pair it with fiery red to elevate your space to further heights.

Geometric Patterns

Maximalism is emerging as a move away from the Scandinavian-inspired minimal aesthetic that has dominated spaces in recent years. More and more, consumers want to express their unconventionality and individuality. And strong, geometric patterns allow consumers to do just that. Consider embracing maximalism by dressing your home in contrasting, geometric patterns. If you’re hesitant about moving toward a heavily extravagant interior, experiment with small bursts of pattern in curtains or blinds.

Millennial Pink

If you prefer a lighter hand on interior, millennial pink continues to have a commanding influence on design this year. This sophisticated hue delivers a calming, tonal touch that is anything but ordinary. The soft pink shade speaks to an era that believes gender runs on a spectrum, and Millennial pink certainly embodies this attitude. Also known as Scandi Pink, you can mix it with subdued, dusty neutrals such as blanched almond or soft grey to create harmony indoors.

Floral Patterns

In a backlash against minimalism, floral patterns are making a comeback this spring. An evolution of the tropical prints we saw everywhere last year, decadent and bold floral patterns are dominating walls, window furnishings, and even upholstered furniture. To incorporate the self-indulgent trend into your home, explore over-sized floral prints on statement pieces or opt for a modern, floral print on window treatments while keeping accessories simple. This will make the floral pattern all the more distinct.


Homes are also going to see a lot of yellow this spring, replacing beige, greys, and off-whites. If you can’t quite warm up to the idea of dipping a whole room in a sensational shade of yellow, you can still make an impression with this trendy colour on accent pillows or a side chair. Dip your toes into the pool of possibility with earthy tones like ocher-y yellow or venture into bolder hues like lemon. Nothing ushers in spring quite like the flash of yellow.

Overall, the overwhelming trend this spring is to shift more and more toward strong colour schemes and complex patterns, replacing yesterday’s stark rooms and neutral palettes with mood-enhancing and thought-provoking design. Playful and daring colours like ultra violet and millennial pink and geometric or floral-inspired patterns are great starting points to reinvigorate your space.