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Colour Trends For Autumn

The autumn season is already here with us, and it brings a lot of changes with it, not only in the weather but our homes as well. The bright and airy mood and aesthetic of the summer season has passed by, and most of us would like to add on little tweaks to our interiors to make them more Autumn ready. Now, though it may not be possible to change the interior of your whole house seasonally, there are a [...]

Trending Bathroom Colours

In previous years, white bathrooms have been the basic trend in the industry. People are however moving from this mentality and becoming adventurous to try other more appealing and different colours for different feels and moods for this area of the house. The trending style is marked by the return to the natural and functional in the bathroom. This will be coupled with easy to maintain and practical arrangement of spaces but at the same time combined with elegance [...]

Summer Trends

Bright and Light: Trademark Summer Trends Summer is a time for people to remove the clutter created by the cold and rainy months. A time in which they are able to open their windows and let in warmth and light, scents of fresh evening breezes, and the hint of grills being lit. After the dreary winter months and a rainy spring, nothing works better at making a house feel as welcoming as light colours and minimal décor. Because of this, the [...]

Curtains: Styles, Themes and Fabrics

Conventional window coverings like curtains do more than controlling the amount of natural light that spills into a room - they can be used to insulate a home, as a statement piece, and act as an extension of the room's aesthetic. Certain weaves may also have product performance based on the weight and type of material used. These types of coverings are a common window treatments as well as the simplest to install. Curtains are made to fit the size [...]

Selecting The Right Window Coverings For Your Kitchen

Window treatments in your kitchen can have a big impact on the look and feel of the room, and switching up your kitchen blinds is a great way to add colour to the space. Choosing window treatments for your kitchen can be a bit more challenging than some other rooms in the house because there are some special issues to keep in mind. The Location of Your Kitchen Windows To begin with, you'll need to start by considering the location of the [...]

Bedroom Design Ideas

What Does the Colour Scheme of Your Bedroom Mean to You? The bedroom is meant to be a relaxing place. It should be a location where you feel it is possible to unwind and let your mind settle down after a long day. What can make this space create such a soothing feeling for you? A good place to start is with the colour scheme. Every bedroom should have a colour scheme that fits with the likes of the person [...]

Design Trends For Spring

Though it still might not feel like it all the time, Spring is definitely right around the corner and that means it's time to start looking around your house and thinking about a makeover. Maybe you're only really ready for some small upgrades, but if you're ready to make some big changes, you're definitely in the right place. With all the bright colours and trends for Spring, it's definitely time to take your house to the next level. Copper One of [...]

Different Colours For Different Rooms

Did you know that you can control your room's atmosphere and mood with your choice of blinds colour? Blinds are an excellent way to incorporate contrast or create subtle effects for a truly inviting living indoor space. When properly executed, colours can impact the feel and design that reflects your style, preference, taste and personality. Many homeowners struggle when faced with the task of selecting the appropriate blinds colour for their individual rooms. To help you out with the [...]

Be Inspired By The Web; Online Interiors for Your Home

Decorating your home can be hard work. However, everything is available online, and that includes interior design choices. There are websites that offer excellent interior design ideas for your home, and their collections are inspiring.You can shop for different items to improve and enhance the appearance of your home by following such ideas. Here is a list of the top websites you can visit to get the inspiration you need. Home Designing Home designing is a website that specialises in bedroom [...]

Interior Blinds Options Suitable for Winter

There are various designs and colours of blinds available out there that you can use for your home, including the cloth, wooden, aluminium, among other varieties. All these varieties are suitable for various locations inside your house, but if you need something that will provide warmth during winter, then you need to pay specific attention to the choice of colour and design, from the options available. Here are some examples of blinds that work best during winter. Vertical Blinds These are [...]