New Year, New You: Revitalise Your Home with These Simple Design Tips

Happy New Year from everyone on the SoEasy Blinds team! Now that the clamour of Christmas and New Year has come to a close, most folk will be keen to do away with decadence and detox their way to a healthier and happier lifestyle. Instead of relying on an ill-fated set of resolutions to kick-start 2016, however, we think one of the best ways to get-set for the next 12 months is to refresh and revitalise your home by [...]

Top Tips for a Wonderfully Cosy Bedroom

No matter how big or small your bedroom, we think it should be a room where you can relax, unwind and feel 100% cosy and content. With the cold, dark mornings and evenings of winter just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to rethink your sleeping space and make sure it’s as snug as bug ready for the new season. To help, here are some top tips on creating a wonderfully cosy bedroom. Start With the Windows When adding cosiness to [...]

6 Simple Ways to Cut Your Energy Bill this Winter

Autumn is officially here, and that means the chilliness of winter is but a few weeks away. By now, we’re sure many of you will have flicked on the heating to enjoy a spot of warmth and cosiness, or at least flirted with the idea before opting to put on a jumper instead. For all homeowners, winter presents a catch-22. Of course you want to keep warm, toasty and snug throughout the long, cold winter — but leaving your heating [...]

It’s Time to Rethink Blinds

You may think of them as all function and no form, but take it from us – blinds are by no means boring. Sure, they’re incredibly practical, functional and almost mandatory in the home or office, but they can also be stylish and fashionable – capable of injecting an extra ounce of style into any interior space. Not convinced? Prepare to perform a proverbial U-turn, as we explain why it’s time to rethink blinds. Colour However ‘out there’ your interiors, we wager [...]

Things to Consider When Buying Blinds for a Children’s Bedroom

A children’s bedroom is not just a bedroom; it’s a place to sleep, play, create, and get lost in the imagination. That’s why it’s important to provide your kids with a fun, safe and stimulating environment where they can rest, relax and enjoy a bit of me time. If you’re in the process of kitting out your kid’s bedroom, our guide to choosing the perfect children’s blinds will help you create a safe and happy space that’s also the perfect [...]