Classic Stripe

Perfect Fit Aluminium Venetian Blinds - Classic Stripe

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  • Glass

    Compress the window seal as much as possible (if at all) then take a measurement of the visible glass area. Take three measurements for the width and drop then use the smallest measurements recorded.

  • Control Type

    This style of blind is only available as tensioned, this means the blind is raised/lowered by moving the bottom bar up/down to the position required.

  • Control Side

    Select the side you would like the wand for tilting the slats.

  • Bracket Size

    The bracket size is determined by the bead depth of your window. If the bracket size you require is unavailable please contact us for details.

  • A Handle Piece can be selected when the handle may foul on the Perfect Fit frame. Select the handle position if required.

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Product Description

  • Min Width: 263mm Max Width: 1300mm
  • Min Drop: 200mm Max Drop: 2000mm
  • Slat Composition: Aluminium
  • Slat Widths Available: 25mm
  • Guarantee: 12 Months
  • Controls: Tensioned (lift bottom bar to raise/lower blind, wand to tilt slats).