Frequently Asked Questions

Perfect Fit Venetian, Pleated and Wooden Blinds project 10mm away from the window frame.  Perfect Fit Roller Blinds project 60mm at the top to accommodate the roller tube and 10mm at the sides and bottom.  These measurements are based on the Perfect Fit frame fitting flush to the window frame. The height of the Perfect Fit Roller Blind fascia at the top is 75mm.

Roller Blind Bracket Dimensions

Blind Width Dimension A Dimension B
Up to 2000mm (32mm Bracket) 63mm 48mm
2001mm-2500mm (40mm Bracket) 68mm 51mm
Over 2500mm (45mm Bracket) 80mm 76mm

If you are unsure what bracket size will be supplied, get in touch.

Brackets for Roller Blinds

Note; the bracket images above are for illustrative purposes only and may vary slightly depending on the product selected.

Sidewinder Operated Roller Blinds

Width Barrel Diameter
Up to 2000mm 32mm
2001mm-2500mm 40mm
Over 2500mm 45mm

Spring Operated Roller Blinds

Range Barrel Diameter
Aquarius 32mm
Fabric Box 36mm

If you are unsure what barrel diameter will be supplied, get in touch.

Deluxe Roman Blinds

Drop Stack
544mm 220mm
894mm 230mm
1244mm 240mm
1594mm 250mm
1944mm 260mm
2294mm 270mm
2500mm 280mm

All sizes are approximate

If the Perfect Fit Pleated Blinds will not stay up, additional tension is required. To add tension please follow the steps below;

  • Remove the blind from the window and lay face down.
  • Remove the shoe tab securing the cord to the bottom of the Perfect Fit frame.
  • Inside the shoe a shim can be moved to increase the tension to the cord.
  • Refit the shoe to the bottom of the Perfect Fit frame and repeat the process on the opposite side.
  • If additional tension is required, the cord can be re-knotted to the shoe shim shortening the cord length thus increasing the tension further.

Please ensure the blind is operating as required before cutting any excess cord off.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds 25mm Slat

Blind Drop Stacking Height
500mm 45mm
1000mm 65mm
1500mm 85mm
2000mm 100mm

Aluminium Venetian Blinds 50mm Slat Width

Blind Drop Stacking Height
500mm 65mm
1000mm 90mm
1500mm 105mm
2000mm 120mm

Wooden Venetian Blinds 50mm Slat (+10% for tapes)

Blind Drop Stacking Height
500mm 110mm
1000mm 155mm
1500mm 200mm
2000mm 245mm
2500mm 290mm
3000mm 450mm

All sizes are approximate

We offer two types of Aluminium Venetian Blind brackets, one for 15mm/25mm slats and one for 35mm/50mm slats.  Please find the image below for reference;

The following lists include the recommended tape colours for a selection of Wooden and Faux Wooden Venetian Blinds;

Wooden Venetian Blinds

Pure Cotton
Polar Chalk
Mirren Vanilla
Morena Mist
Kalm Lunar
Ash Steel
Khol Gallant
Carbon Jet
Oregon Hessian
Honey Toffee
Tawny Hessian
Auburn Coffee
Hazel Jet
Tuscan Oak Toffee
Fired Walnut Coffee
Acacia Dove
Tanza Gallant
Revera Lunar
Nordic Mist
Montana Truffle
Urban Oak Truffle
Claro Gallant
Gloss Pure Cotton

Faux Wooden Blinds

Abyss Static
Amber Toffee
Arctic Oak Chalk
Chroma Jet
Desert Oak Hessian
Linara Barley
Linara Fine Grain Barley
Lunar Oak Lunar
Mirage Chalk
Mirage Fine Grain Chalk
Mission Lunar
Mission Fine Grain Lunar
Orion Gallant
Orion Fine Grain Gallant
Scandi Oak Dove
Serene Cotton
Serene Fine Grain Cotton
True Cotton
True Fine Grain Cotton


The tension for Perfect Fit Roller Blinds can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the “wrap tension”.  Please follow the steps on page five for the Perfect Fit Roller Blinds measuring and fitting instructions found here.

Ensure the bottom bar end caps are positioned in the Perfect Fit frame channel furthest from the window.

Perfect Fit Roller Blinds are operated by tilting the bottom bar back to raise/lower the blind and setting the bar straight to lock.  The end caps compress within the channel to secure the blind at the required level.

Please note if the bottom bar end caps are not sliding within the channel furthest from the glass the blind will not hold.  The image below highlights (red section) the correct channel the bottom bar end caps should slide within.  The bottom bar can then be tilted to raise/lower the blind;