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Blinds for Dakstra Windows

Blinds for Dakstra Windows

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Dakstra Windows focus heavily on optimising and controlling the natural light that is let into the room. Using Dakstra Windows means you’re not just buying any skylight, but a skylight specifically suited to your project and the ergonomics of your house. They utilise the natural light available and they make sure that heat is retained well with 14mm double glazed panes. Dakstra windows provide natural heat, light and air control in your space, and with today’s focus on saving energy, being able to light a room purely using natural light is a great way to help the environment and save money.

As humans, we react well to daylight and as natural light is key to Dakstra Windows, many of their main features are vital for light control. With a few correctly positioned skylights, Dakstra Windows are able to cover a room with up to 65% natural light. This can then be altered with SoEasy Blinds blackout blinds, thus being in control of the light throughout the day. Dakstra Windows are also UV and weather-resistant, meaning you can enjoy sunlight in complete safety.

Skylights are used in loft conversions or extensions where a slanted roof is required. These will alter the look and feel of your house both inside and out. SoEasy Blinds skylight blinds effortlessly bond with Dakstra Windows to make your changes fit the style of the rest of your house.