Radiant FR Royal


Flame Retardant Roller Blinds - Radiant FR Royal

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  • Left Control

    Left hand sidewinder control.

    Right Control

    Right hand sidewinder control.

  • Recess

    An approximate deduction of 5mm will be made to the width ordered to ensure the blind fits within the recess with the brackets installed. The fabric width will be approximately 40mm less than the width measurement supplied.


    No deductions will be made, the blind will be manufactured to the exact size specified bracket to bracket. The fabric width will be approximately 35mm less than the width measurement supplied.

    Fabric Width

    The fabric width will measure the width ordered, please note the overall bracket to bracket size will be approximately 35mm wider than the width ordered.

  • Standard Roll

    Fabric will roll down the back of the tube closer to the window or wall.

    Reverse Roll

    Fabric will roll over the front of the tube further from the window or wall.

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  • Min Width: 200mm Max Width: 3000mm (1940mm fabric turned)
  • Min Drop: 300mm Max Drop: 1740mm (3000mm fabric turned)
  • Fabric Joins: If the width is greater than 1940mm and the drop is greater than 1740mm, a horizontal join will be required positioned towards the top of the blind.
  • Fabric Composition: Polyester
  • Tube: Robust Aluminium Tube
  • Control: Sidewinder
  • Guarantee: 12 Months
  • Fittings: Included