6 of the Weirdest Bedtime Rituals for a Good Night’s Sleep

6 of the Weirdest Bedtime Rituals for a Good Night’s Sleep

Closing the blinds, wearing super-soft PJs and enjoying a soothing mug of Ovaltine; these are some of the traditional home remedies people use to guarantee a great night’s kip.

But in our hectic modern world, studies show that most Brits don’t get enough sleep — so is it time we rethink bedtime and come up with some new, more reliable rituals for a good night’s sleep?

Here, we take a look at 6 of the strangest sleep rituals to find out if they hold the secret to blissful bedtime.

Break Your Day into Shifts

 While it’s customary to kip at night when it’s dark, you can boost your productivity and enjoy comfortable, restful sleep by breaking your day into shifts. Wake early (around 6am) and work until 2pm, before turning in and sleeping until 4pm. Then get up and go about your business until 2am. Several US presidents, including JFK, used this method, so there has to be some truth in it.

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Take 20-Minute Naps Every 4 Hours

You may mock cats and babies for how often they take a nap, but there’s some science in an impromptu micro-sleep. Sleep experts recommend taking a 20-30-minute nap at least once a day to boost your alertness and oust those feelings of grogginess you get after a rough night’s sleep. If you want to take it one step further, aim to nap for 20 minutes every 4 hours. You’ll be on top of your game, and it won’t be enough to interfere with night-time bed rest.

Completely Cover Your Windows

It’s a known fact that light is the biggest disruptor of bed rest, so you should do all you can to stop it getting into your bedroom. If curtains aren’t enough, why not try covering the windows with cardboard or tinfoil — just like Eminem! Or, if you don’t fancy turning your bedroom into a scene from The Walking Dead, try a made-to-measure blackout roller blind instead.

Walk Around in Circles

If you suffer restlessness at night, it could be because you’re hanging on to pent up energy. To ensure your body is properly ready for rest, do as Emily Brontë did and walk around in circles before hitting the hay. Alternatively, if you get dizzy easily, do some other simple exercises. The trick here is to burn your body’s last dregs of energy, so you can sleep in perfect harmony.

Check that the Alarm is Switched On

Point Of View Image Of Person In Bed Turning Off Phone Alarm

 Do you regularly wake up in a blind panic, worried that you’ve missed your usual wake up time only to find it’s still 3am? This is a common sleep ailment, and one that can contribute to some serious baggy eyes come the morning. To combat this problem, make a point to check that your morning alarm is switched on before you go to sleep. Even if you know it’s switched on and ready to go, the act of checking it lets your subconscious know that there’s no need to pull you from your dreams at the crack of dawn.

Sleep Facing North

 Don’t ask us how it works, but apparently facing your bed so that it’s pointing north can help appease insomnia and restless sleep. Dickens was a big advocate for sleeping at a northerly bearing, and would keep a compass by his bed to perfect his heading into slumber land. Barmy.

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