Seven Super Helpful Tips for Cleaning Blinds

Seven Super Helpful Tips for Cleaning Blinds

The days are just about starting to stretch a little, and there is the odd sign that winter is slowly starting to pass. And this means that the annual spring clean is almost upon us, as we look to give every inch of the home a good scrub and a deep clean. If you’ve hoovered, dusted, mopped and de-scummed your way through the house but have come to your blinds and are unsure how to proceed, fear not, we’ve put together seven simple steps to help you get your blinds looking their just-bought best.

Vacuum in the Correct Direction

Firstly, if you have a brush attachment for your vacuum cleaner, affix it before turning the device on. Once this is on, vacuum in the direction of the slats, this makes it easier to catch all the surface dirt and ensures a streak-free finish. Also, if your vacuum is a little too strong it may pull and damage the slats when vacuuming in the wrong direction.

Open the Slats for Dusting

To make sure you capture all of the dust, open up the slats and run a feather duster between each level. This will ensure you dust both sides of each slat first time. We’d also recommend using a super soft duster – perhaps made from lamb’s wool. Again dust with the direction of the slats, as it can be easy to unhook them.

Reach Difficult Corners with an Old Sock

Sometimes the hoover and the duster just can’t quite work their way into those deep, dark corners. Popping an old sock over your hand, dipped into the washing liquid best suited to your blind’s material, means you can really work a finger in there. No more dirty corners ruining the sparkling appearance of your beautiful blinds.

Use Warm Water

If you are washing your blinds with water, don’t be tempted to use hot water as this could melt the glue which keeps the structure together. Warm water is just as effective at cleaning and won’t put your blinds at risk of falling apart.

Furthermore, cold water simply isn’t up to the task.

Wash Inside a Pillow Case

Some blinds can be washed in the washing machine, and will offer directions for safe machine washing. However, it is important to take extra care as the fragile fabric can catch in the washing machine, potentially causing a tear. Folding the blinds up inside a pillow case before popping them in the wash can help protect them from this unravelling effect.

Dry Naturally

And after they’re washed in the machine, don’t be tempted to keep them in on a drying setting. Let them dry naturally. Obviously this will take a little longer, so try and get them drying early in the day so they stand a chance of being ready to hook back up before bed.

And Dust Regularly

If you’ve found the blinds to be the most difficult part of the spring clean, it may be a good idea to keep on top of them throughout the year. A light dusting once a fortnight can help ensure that dust never builds up on their surface.

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