How to Enjoy a Good Night’s Sleep in the Summer

How to Enjoy a Good Night’s Sleep in the Summer

Summer is well on its way across the UK, so it’s time to adjust to the warm climes of the coming season. While basking in the sun on a warm day can be pure bliss after a seemingly endless winter, summer does have its pitfalls — particularly when it comes to trying to fall asleep in a sweltering hot bedroom.

The hot weather of summer means that many face a restless night’s sleep as the season takes hold. Even after kicking back the duvet and throwing open the windows, the sultry heat can leave us tossing and turning all night long. Couple that with light mornings, which experts believe can reduce our total sleep by around one hour per night, and it’s clear why so many of us struggle to get the recommended eight hours of sleep during the summer.

So, to save you from the frustration of a restless night’s sleep, here we offer tips and advice on how to enjoy a good night’s sleep in the summer.


Use Blackout Window Blinds

Not only will blackout window blinds stop nuisance sunlight waking you up at the break of day, they can be used to keep the room cool throughout the day, too. If your bedroom is exposed to sunlight in the afternoons and evenings, consider closing the blinds to limit the amount of sun entering the space. This will help to keep the room cool until it’s time to hit the hay.


Lose the Curtains

Curtains are a godsend in the winter months, helping to keep our homes cool and slashing our energy bills in one fell swoop. Come summer though, heavy curtains can be more of a hindrance than a help — blocking those breezes and drafts which come in through the open windows. We’d recommend taking down your curtains during the summer, or else swapping them for a pair of thinner, lighter ones.


Use an Electric Fan

It may sound obvious, but using an electric fan is a great way to keep yourself cool whilst in bed. Placing a rotating fan in your bedroom will not only create a pleasant breeze, the white noise is proven to help some people fall asleep more easily. If you find the fan’s just blowing warm air at you, try placing a tray of ice in front of the machine to cool the air.


Cool Your Socks in the Fridge

One of the more out-there summer sleep tips; place a pair of your favourite socks in the fridge a couple of hours before bedtime, and slip them on when you get in bed. It may sound weird, but the feet help to regulate your body temperature, so when they’re cold your body is too — helping you fall asleep faster. You can create the same effect with your pillowcases, as cooling your head also lowers the temperature of the body.


Wear Light PJs

While some people like to ditch the PJs altogether when summer comes around, sleeping in the nude won’t actually keep you cool. Why? As gross as it sounds, PJs absorb sweat, helping to keep the body cool and fresh throughout the night. In the summer, swap those weighty winter PJs for a light cotton ensemble, and get set for an uninterrupted night’s sleep.


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