What Your Home’s Colour Scheme Says About You

What Your Home’s Colour Scheme Says About You

No matter what your favourite colour, psychologists reckon it says a lot about your personality — whether it’s splashed across your car or you’re wearing it on your body. But what about the colour of your home, does that speak volumes about your personality? Or is it just a matter of current styles and trends?

Assuming psychologists are right, and colour does tell us lots about a person’s character, let’s explore what your home’s colour scheme would say about you.


Yellows and Oranges

Gravitate towards warm yellows and oranges, and your home will feel more welcoming, happy and cheerful, much like your personality. Colour experts rate yellow as the world’s happiest hue, so it’s safe to assume you’re not shy of introducing happiness and joy to your interiors. Warm, summery shades like these bring brightness and intimacy without being overbearing, making them a breeze to live with — just like you.

Whites and Greys

Light, neutral colours like white and grey lend a classic, timeless look to any interior space, and hint that the occupant is happy to not change the colour scheme for a few years. This suggests they’re independent, and not afraid to shun current trends. White also has a practical permanence, and is perfect for helping a room’s art, accessories and decorative features really shine. And of course neutral shades exude cleanliness and purity — ideal for a clean, organised and balanced life.

Reds and Pinks

It may be a cliché to remark that red is synonymous with passion, love and romance, but these are exactly the kinds of traits psychologists link to the colour. Along with pink; red exudes warmth and positivity, suggesting that you’re a passionate individual with a proclivity to wearing your heart on your sleeve. Reds and pinks are also linked with confidence and creativity, meaning you’re probably an outgoing person brimming with brilliant ideas.

Blues and Greens

Thanks to their earthy, natural appeal, blues and greens are associated with individuals who value tranquillity, peace and the natural environment. Blue in particular has a charm and predictability which makes it perfect for families, creating a calm and safe environment. Green on the other hand has connotations of free-spiritedness and nature, suggesting that the home’s occupant is environmentally-minded and open to progressive thinking.

Creams and Browns

Like white and grey; creams and browns exude a sense of a classic traditionalism, and tend to bypass current interior styles. If you’ve opted for a neutral brown and cream colour scheme, this suggests you value permanency and stability, and aren’t concerned with transient trends. Rather than letting your home speak volumes about your life, you’re more concerned about living it to the full and forgetting about current flyaway fashions.

Whatever your favourite colour or style, SoEasy Blinds are here to help you maximise the comfort and visual appeal of your home. From orange to pink and every shade, hue and pattern in between, our made-to-measure blinds are tailored to your exact specification — ensuring your home is as unique and individual as you.

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