Get Set for Summer with these Simple Home Design Tips

Get Set for Summer with these Simple Home Design Tips

It’s hard to believe, but summer 2016 is just around the corner, meaning now’s the perfect time to start thinking about how to ready your home for the new season.

While autumn and winter command thick throws, boundless candles and heavy curtains to block out the cold chill; spring, and particularly summer, call for breezier and lighter interior design elements to make the most of the balmy temperatures and longer sunlight hours.

To get your interior spaces ready for the approaching summer, here are some hassle-free and easy-to-implement interior design tips.

Update those Tired Blinds

So often overlooked as a design feature, blinds can make or break an interior space, blocking natural light from entering the room or else letting in nuisance glare. Before the long, light days of summer come around, why not invest in a new set of made-to-measure blinds that afford complete light control in every room? Venetian and vertical blinds offer great adjustment for those keen to monitor daylight, whilst roller blinds give you the option to add a pop of colour to your décor.

Stow Away those Heavy Curtains

During the sultry summer months, those winter-ready curtains will hang dormant, collecting dust and limiting the amount of sunlight entering your home. It’s a good idea to invest in two sets of curtains — one for autumn/winter and one for spring/summer — and interchange the two depending on the time of year. This will allow you to make the most of the weather, and ensure your home is perfectly acclimatised to the changing seasons.

Rearrange Your Furniture to Make the Most of the Sunshine

During the winter, we’ve a tendency to huddle around the fireplace, and this often dictates the layout of our living rooms throughout the year. But it doesn’t have to. In summer, why not reposition your furniture to take full advantage of an open window or set of French doors — beckoning in a cool a breeze and making the most of the uplifting summer sun.

Get Ready for Al Fresco Living

Summer should be spent in the great outdoors, not cooped inside in front of the TV. So, before the summer sun officially arrives, make sure your outdoor space is clean, tidy and ready for some alfresco living. Washing furniture and removing unwanted clutter from the patio will make you more likely to enjoy the best of the outdoors, and it’s also a good idea to clear a route inside so you can access your garden, yard or balcony with complete ease.

Introduce Lighter Shades of Colour

After a day spent soaking up the summer sun, the last thing you want is to go home to a dark and dingy home. To introduce the maximum amount of light into your interior spaces, add pockets of light colour that exude a sense of coastal breeziness. This added lightness will make your home an altogether happier place to be, perfectly attuned to the warm sunshine beyond your windows.

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