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Versatile and stylish our made to measure Vertical Blinds offer a practical solution to light control. Easily adjust the Vertical Blinds to filter the amount of light entering the room by tilting the fabric louvres to suit your needs.  Available in 89mm and 127mm fabric louvre widths our range of made to measure Vertical Blinds offer a stunning collection of quality fabrics in a large range of colours, patterns, textures and includes rigid vertical blinds.

Plain Vertical Blinds

Patterned Vertical Blinds

Rigid Vertical Blinds

Flame Retardant Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are one of the most popular designs of window blinds. Consisting of fabric strips which hang down from an aluminium headrail, Vertical Blinds make a versatile window dressing.

Made to measure Vertical Blinds are very easy to operate. Once installed the louvres hanging down from the Vertical Blind headrail can be easily tilted a full 180 degrees by simply pulling on the beaded chain to tilt the louvres. This will allow the user to angle the blind to a degree of accuracy for the users own personal privacy. If the user wishes to open the blind fully, the louvres are simply tilted to hang 180 degrees to the window and then the cord control is pulled. This will open and close the blind accordingly pulling the louvres to either both sides (if a split draw is chosen), to the left or to the right.

With the popularity of Vertical Blinds many home owners choose to install this style of blind in many different rooms from bathrooms and kitchens, to bedrooms, dining rooms and conservatories. With such a wide choice of fabrics within the made to measure Vertical Blinds range, choosing a fabric to suit ones décor is not such a difficult task. Fabrics are available in many colours including the most popular white, cream and beige to the more adventurous colours including green, brown and blue. Not to mention vibrant red, orange and yellow.

Fabrics are supplied in a variety of compositions, however most commonly louvres are manufactured from polyester. These provides a hard wearing fabric which will easily stand the test of time and provide an easy to clean design.

If you are looking for a washable blind, look out for our range of washable vertical blinds which can be detached from the headrail and washed in a washing machine on a 40 degree heat once all of the plastic weights, stabilising chain and hangers have been removed. This will result in a longer lasting blind which looks like new after every wash.

Prices for Made to Measure Vertical Blinds do vary depending on two main factors, the fabric chosen and inevitably the size of the blind required. Whilst it may be considered that a cheaper fabric is of a lesser quality, this is not the case with our vertical blinds. Prices may vary from fabric to fabric depending on many factors, including if the fabric chosen is a plain or a patterned. However Vertical Blinds offer a great window covering for a very low price.

If made to measure Vertical Blinds are your chosen window dressing, it is worth taking note of the windowsill depth before ordering. Vertical Blinds are supplied in two common louvre widths; 89mm (3½”) and 127mm (5”). You may choose to go for a wider louvre width if space allows resulting in less louvres, this in turn will leave more window visible when the louvres are opened completely. But please be aware, Vertical Blinds do require the window sill to be clear to operate as the slide along the headrail.

Available in a wide range of colours and designs including patterned, plain, jacquards, blackout and special performance fabrics including solar protective fabrics and dim-out, this style of blind offers a great practical alternative to many other window dressings. Blackout Vertical Blinds and Dim-Out Vertical Blinds are a popular choice for night workers or those wishing to sleep during the day. This style of blind will block the light during the day leaving creating a dark room to encourage a good sleeping environment.

Solar protective fabrics or fabrics displaying the SPC symbol (Solar Protective Coating) are coated with a reflective backing on the back of the fabric. This reflective backing will reflect the heat away from a room and is often a popular choice for conservatories where the room may become very hot during the summer months.

Plain and patterned fabrics can be equally used as a focal point in a room as well as acting as a window dressing. For instance, heavily patterned wallpaper can be effortlessly complemented with a plain vertical blind as an alternative for when trying to match the wallpaper pattern is not feasible. Or, in a fairly neutral room with plain walls, adding a patterned or brightly coloured fabric will add a focal point within the room creating a feature of interest.

Made to Measure Vertical Blinds consist of lengths of fabric which hang down from an aluminium headrail. Within the aluminium headrail securely housed are several gliders which clip onto the louvres with the use of a hanger slotted into the top of the louvres. The gliders then slide along the head rail to open and close the blind when the cord control is pulled. The gliders also have a tilting mechanism built in which tilt the slats when the beaded control is pulled. This provides a versatile window covering ideal for controlling the amount of light entering a room.

Whilst the louvres hang down from the headrail, the bottom of each of the louvres joins onto the next. The bottom of the louvre is stitched to create a small pocket for a bottom weight to be inserted; this adds weight to the fabric to prevent the louvre from curling. The weights are then joined together with the use of beaded stabilising chain to keep the louvres in line and to prevent any tangles.

Measuring and fitting Vertical Blinds and rigid vertical blinds could not be simpler. Take accurate measurements using a steel tape measure, a metal tape measure is preferred as fabric tape measures are liable to stretch. Be sure to take into account any obstructions which may foul the blind during fitting or operation and adjust your sizes accordingly. Also take note as to where the blind will be fitted. Vertical Blinds have two options, face fixed into the face wall or window frame, or top fix into the lintel or ceiling.

You can view our measuring and fitting instructions for our range of Made to Measure Vertical Blinds by clicking the following link;

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