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Blackout Vertical Blinds

Browse our range of quality made to measure Blackout Vertical Blinds.  Available in a large range of colours including; white, cream, natural, black, blue and green, we have a fabric to  suit all rooms within the home or workplace.  This range of blackout blinds is extremely popular for use within bedrooms to provide the perfect sleeping environment throughout the day or during the lighter mornings through the summer months.  Our range of Blackout Vertical Blinds are supplied with all the fixings required to install the blind. Once installed you will find this style of blind effective for controlling the light entering any room, allowing you to control the light filtering in through the window with ease.

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When it comes to choosing the right window blinds for your home, vertical blinds are one of the most popular selections made.  With such a wide choice in colours, textures and designs - vertical blinds offer something to suit every room within the home.  Due the popularity of vertical blinds within the home more often than not, vertical blinds are selected as the chosen window covering for bedrooms.  Whilst this style of blind makes perfect sense with its simple to use control system and effective light filtering, light may still seep through the fabric.

Many home owners are now looking at blackout vertical blinds as the most logical solution to light entering a bedroom at night or early morning.  Whether this light is caused by car lights, street lights or simply by the natural light, blackout vertical blinds will prevent light seeping into the bedroom creating a more suited sleeping environment.

As with all blinds, the colour selected is often decided upon to fit in with the current decor of the room the blind is to be installed.  With such a wide choice of blackout vertical blinds in a whole manner of colours including red, blue, black, white and cream, it is little wonder blackout vertical blinds are now on of the most popular blinds to have installed within a bedroom.

When choosing blinds for your new window there are many considerations to take into account including; fabric colour, pattern, size and cost.  When looking around for your new blinds it can be pay dividend to research cheap blackout vertical blinds and discover the difference between more expensive and cheap blackout vertical blinds.  What ever the cost of your final purchase of vertical blackout blinds, cheap vertical blinds can offer a viable option.

The given nature of any blackout fabric is the fact that the blind naturally block the light from entering a room, but will also provide a certain level of privacy.  By electively closing blackout vertical blinds during the evening or when the home is to be left unoccupied, a much more secure situation is created preventing any potential intruders peering into a room through a window.

Much like standard vertical blinds, blackout vertical blinds offer an ever so simple to operate control system.  A cord control is used to open the blind pulling the louvres to one side as set at the time of ordering, whilst a beaded chain is used to tilt the louvres.  By carefully tilting the louvres throughout the day, light entering a room can be controlled effortlessly.

Once the decision has been made to utilise the versatility of blackout vertical blinds in any room in the home or office, you will find a plethora of fabrics to choose from.  Should your current décor be a neutral design with plain walls, a striking blue, red or purple may be selected to break the plainness and create a focal point within the room.  Alternatively, try adding green blackout vertical blinds to add a sense of calm and tranquillity to a room whilst not losing the benefits this style of blind brings.

The installation of blackout vertical blinds will not prove troublesome, even for the novices of DIY.  Once the face fix or top fix brackets as selecting during the order process or in position, simply clip the headrail into the brackets and secure in place with the small locking screw.  Next, with hangers positioned at 90º to the window, hang the louvres from the headrail.  Once all louvres are hung the job is complete, your blackout vertical blinds are installed and ready to use.

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