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A Guide to Choosing Perfect Door Blinds

When people are asked to picture a set of blinds, their initial thoughts may well turn to traditional window coverings such as Roller Blinds, Panel Blinds, Wooden Venetian Blinds or Roman Blinds.

However, those aiming to spruce up the interiors of their properties in the near future might want to note that it is not just windows where blinds can be applied. In fact, Door Blinds offer another attractive solution which people can adopt in an attempt to add some colour or a new practical feature to their houses.

With glass doors proving popular among many modern-day consumers, and others living in homes which boast large patio doors, it could be a good idea for householders to take the time to consider the kind of coverings they would like to apply to their entrances and exits.

So what options are available to those who want to complement an existing set of Window Blinds by investing in new Door Blinds, or simply use such products on their own? Below are some of the key issues that consumers may want to take into account before they go ahead and buy one of the many attractive door covering products which are available from our website here at

What types of Door Blinds are available to UK homeowners?

Consumers who are already well-versed in making choices concerning the myriad forms of Window Blinds which are available will not be at all surprised to learn that Door Blinds are not restricted to just the one kind of product either.

Some of the many Door Blinds that are accessible to people at the present time have been highlighted by a writer called Loni Ting Young in a piece which has been published by Ezine Articles.

Wooden Venetian Blinds, Bamboo Blinds and French Blinds are among the numerous products that the commentator believes consumers might be able to take advantage of when considering blinds for their doors, depending on the tastes of each particular individual.

Ms Young has outlined some of the benefits which can be offered by such products, with Wooden Venetian Blinds among the items that have come in for notable praise.

She stated: "Wooden Blinds are very elegant and make a loud statement. Make sure they would suit the decor of the room."

In addition to these items, the writer has used her article to point out that Sliding Door Blinds are also being adopted by various members of the public at the moment.

Discussing these products, she commented: "Sliding Door Blinds, such as patio door shades, are becoming quite popular."

However, before people make a final decision about the type of Door Blinds which are most suitable for their personal tastes, Ms Young did go on to emphasise the need for consumers to try and keep the measurements of their door areas firmly in mind.

This should help householders to invest in blinds which are the right size to suit their property's doors.

How Door Blinds can complement a home's existing decor

As with Window Blinds, buying a new set of Door Blinds, like Wooden Venetian Blinds or Vertical Blinds, is not something that people should simply rush into without making careful plans beforehand.

Before proceeding with the purchase of a product, there are certain key issues that have to be taken into account, according to a writer going by the name of Chowart who has addressed this fact in an article published by HubPages.

In the piece, the commentator has offered some guidance to homeowners concerning how their Door Blinds will need to fit in properly with the existing decor of their home interiors.

Discussing the potential colour schemes which Door Blinds buyers could opt for, the writer noted: "The best way of determining this is looking at the room's decor and select[ing] blinds that will enhance the look further."

Meanwhile, a separate article published by Kwintessential has also discussed the potentially decorative nature of Door Blinds, making specific reference to French Blinds.

Colour coding is something that these blinds may well be able to help people with, the writer of the piece noted.

The article stated that along with "practical purposes, French Door Blinds can also be a great way to colour code and decorate your living room with whatever style you desire."

However, while decor is something that prospective Door Blinds buyers may want to bear in mind, in the same HubPages article, Chowart has also offered some slightly more practical advice to householders.

The writer remarked: "It is important that when you are purchasing blinds for doors you choose ones that at the bottom are either tied or weighted."

Door Blinds: A conclusion

While Door Blinds may not always receive the same amount of attention as the coverings that appear on the windows of many homeowners across the country, they can still serve a useful, practical and even decorative purpose in people's properties.

Before choosing a new set of Door Blinds from our wide selection here at, consumers should aim to take their own personal preferences into account, along with the current designs that exist within their interiors.

Whether householders are looking to cover up patio doors, front or back doors, or interior doors in an attractive fashion, Door Blinds could prove a useful solution, adding to the existing character that a home possesses.